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11/12/2005 8:02 am

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Random Thoughts...

So I started to think... and that, in and of itself, is a rather dangerous pursuit. It often leads to actions which become unbelievably regretful and irreversible. Think about it... or rather, DON'T think about it... Ed Gein, Osama Ben Ladin, Hillary Clinton... all are similar in one way. They are all undisputedly evil!

Of course, there may be those of you out there who claim that Ed Gein was only showing his love and devotion for his mother by preserving her body parts. Sort of what Angelina Jolie bordered on when she was deeply in love with Billy Bob Thorton (comeon, Angelina, you can't do better than Billy Bob?), and stated that if it was sanitary to drink someone else's blood, she would drink his. See, when you put a killer body on it and those gorgeous lips are speaking the words, it becomes deeply romantic and sweet. But when you have an old, lonely man, still living at his mother's house in a small town in Wisconsin, all of a sudden, it's evil and wrong! Where is the justice?

And then there are those of us who might state that Bin Laden is simply expression his religious ferver. He believes that he will go to heaven. He believes in the verginal blessings of smashing oneself into a building while flying a airliner (funny he didn't do it himself, if the blessings are that wonderful!), he believes that we are evil, and he is simply cleansing the world of us (kinda a bit like a quirky, loveable German who sported the original "sole-patch" back in the 40's), so who am I to judge someone for his personal beliefs?

And some might notice that I am deliberately refraining from saying anything positive about the third member of our pannel...

However, the danger I personally faced, increased quickly when, after starting my thoughts, I then stopped! It's an amazing thing. Kinda like nirvana, somewhat orgasmic in that when thoughts (hence, worries and stress) are no longer a part of one's pattern, the release is overwhelming. More people should, in fact, allow themselves to experience this sensation (or lack thereof).

Certianly, it makes a very good case for ganja smoking being legal in this country! I'm all for it! Of course, it certainly increases the stress of the non-smokers... but that's their fault for being non-conformists!

Now, in a puff of sweet, happy smoke, the horror of the story comes to fruition... I had thought, and then I stopped. And at that point, there was little, if no danger in the entire process. But suddenly, it happened....


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