Chat rooms  

pstarr2 33M
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6/20/2006 11:41 am
Chat rooms

Is it me or is everychat room like a sausage party, and when there are ladies there they're lookin for other ladies, i mean some ppl talk but its petty bullshit, no ones really serious and when u do find them serious ppl they're too far, is there no one in the 315? Seneca, keuka lake region, ontario or yates county? i mean i love all types of females, i go to all types of chat rooms but it always seems to be the same thing and if u dont kno anyone ur pretty fucked b/c it seems as though everyone already knows who they're there to talk to and thats it. The UK people, i wish i was there cause they seem like they're really into meetin each other and havin group parties, here it seems like mostly talk. idk just my opinion

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