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8/15/2005 10:17 pm

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Up a notch

Raining here now. I thought there was going to be a "drying trend" ! Thunder will probably wake HER up so this may be short.

After a week at standard level, I have received about 8 views. There's some matches coming in, but they rarely take the marital status into account. That's expected I suppose. We're all well conditioned about fooling around with married folks and most seem to be a'gin it. If not explicitly in the profile, then implicitly by their silence. Understand that this is a decision I have made. I have needs and desires that will simply never be met in my current situation. I don't expect to find a new mate here, just the possibility of a diversion and some physical good times. Of, course the emotional (feelings) aspect is going to be present too. I don't see myself hooking up with someone where there's no chemistry, purely on a casual level. I'm just being honest and I suppose the decliners are too. The fakers and wannabees are not, tho.

It's hard to filter the "truth" from everything I see here. I'm getting a sense of what the site's about, the more time I spend online and reading blogs & profiles. I've included face pix of myself from the beginning. Maybe not a good idea, but it's a big town and what are the odds that you have seen me around or even know me? This is who I am and I can't spend time faking, lying, etc. The truth always comes out.

I'm still optomistic about this thing tho. Too soon to give up. If nothing else, it enriches the fantasies I have, when I'm at work or out and about, wondering about this hot babe or that sexy couple and the intimate details of their lives. Could she be a member? Are they a couple in search of a 3way? In my mind, you bet!

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