Still Hangin in  

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8/12/2005 5:30 pm

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Still Hangin in

Hey there. Still hangin in after a week. Have had 6 views so far. Some pretty good matches showing up too. I even got my first spam I suspect is related to my membership, from some "cutie" at dateme dot com! You don't suppose member lists are being marketed do you?

Glad the week is over in a way, even tho it means 4 days at home with HER. Plenty of chances to say the wrong thing and get myself in trouble. Well I'll take her out tonight anyway Maybe I'll behave myself. It's worth it just to feast my wandering eyes and dream about a world of possibilities. And no, I'm not counting on this site to improve my odds. It would be at least as long a shot as I have right now, being as old as I am and married. It is fun to think about tho. And if a LDR emerges, that's most likely as far as it'll ever go.

Having plenty of fun tho, and as a standard level, you can't beat the price. The stories and profiles I read here, true or not, provide fertile soil for my dirty mind! Still plagued by DSB (deadly semen backup) tho. Hope to take care of that soon. And... there's a possibility of a night out next weekend, for unsupervised fun. More on that as it draws closer, but a local swingers group is having a get together and I may attend if all goes well.

What's with the request review link on blogs? What is the function of that? I'm half afraid to click links on here, as it isn't really explained that I can find!

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