Double digits  

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8/17/2005 4:12 pm

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Double digits

Second week is well underway. I've broken into double digits on profile views. No real contact from them beyond a look around. I have investigated a few of my "local matches" but details in their profiles seem to indicate a no-match. Even at 100% compatability, there's usually someone looking for a "soul mate" who would be disappointed, I'm sure! Or they want someone unattached.

Still trying to get blog rolling a little better. So far it's been just whatever the hell pops in as I find time to write. I should maybe find a theme for each, topic sentence, question to readers, something like that huh? I'll keep including pix for reference. Maybe I need to do something xtra with those? And yes, I definitely need a haircut. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, I'll have to give her a call. If I look tired , it's probably true. I do get that comment alot, even when I'm feeling great, THAT kinda bugs me.

Getting closer to a weekend meet & greet opportunity with a local group on Yahoo. Have cover, but may be a no-go after all if some family crisis gets out of hand. I can almost count on that, it's like a sixth fucking sense. Still, if it happens, then fine. I'll have some blog worthy material for a few days at least.

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