Work Related III  

pseudohippie 49F
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8/22/2005 5:58 pm

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Work Related III

pseudohippie : I'm going to blog the cigarette buying experience I just had
one of my friends : lol ok
pseudohippie : sorry, that's why I didn't respond
pseudohippie : I went half a mile down the road to the WaWa
pseudohippie : ok, I could SEE my cigarettes behind the counter
pseudohippie : my brand
pseudohippie : my style
pseudohippie : my flavor
pseudohippie : but the one of the two women BEHIND the counter who was waiting on me couldn't follow my directions to her, no matter what I said
pseudohippie : then she just insisted they didn't have them
pseudohippie : WHEN I COULD SEE THEM
one of my friends : LOL
pseudohippie : and so I look at the other woman at the register next to me
pseudohippie : and she sorta does this thingy with her hair and her back so she doesn't have to "get involved" and god forbid, be HELPFUL!
pseudohippie : meanwhile, there's been no animosity, so wth?
pseudohippie : I just want my cigarettes
pseudohippie : and *I* can't go BEHIND the counter
one of my friends : ok
pseudohippie : there are TWO people behind the counter
one of my friends : have her do what *I* do
pseudohippie : THEY are supposed to know where the cigarettes are
one of my friends : raise her arm over one row of cigs... walk across....
pseudohippie : I even TOLD her...she even HAD her hand ON the pack and WOULDN'T pull it out
pseudohippie : no no
one of my friends : you say no no no no... THERE! then they look where the arm is, directly below, hold up... YES!! good
pseudohippie : you don't understand
one of my friends : omfg thats weird then
one of my friends : LOL
pseudohippie : omfg
pseudohippie : and the other EMPLOYEE
pseudohippie : she wouldn't GET INVOLVED
pseudohippie : so fuck "work related I and II," employees can be just as moronic as customers
pseudohippie : goddamnit!
pseudohippie : lmfao
one of my friends : so call the owner get them fired and ur cigs for free
pseudohippie : lol
pseudohippie : I was telling Dark the other day I was gonna apply for a job there
one of my friends : OMG
one of my friends : lol
pseudohippie : there was a help wanted in the window
one of my friends : ROTFL
pseudohippie : I could work like two mornings a week, have a little play cash to tide me until the house sells and I can expand my glass business
pseudohippie : BUT NOT NOW!!!!!!!!!
pseudohippie : so they lose the multi-degreed half-genius and I get the wrong cigarettes
pseudohippie : AND
pseudohippie : I come back and Dark is on the phone and I can't complain!
pseudohippie : lol
one of my friends : rotfl
pseudohippie : I don't even want the ice cream I went to go get us
pseudohippie : lol
pseudohippie : I'm that turned off by the world
one of my friends : i'd have hunted around for soemthing long enough to reach the cigs.. to point directly , "i want THAT"
pseudohippie : lol...but she had her hand on it!!!
one of my friends : omg wow thats bad
pseudohippie : I said THAT'S IT!
pseudohippie : she said, "no"
one of my friends : LOL
pseudohippie : I said, "yes they are!"
one of my friends : she argued with u? holy moley
pseudohippie : she mumbles something
one of my friends : i'd be like GIVE ME THAT
pseudohippie : I look at that pack like 20 times a day (I'm gonna die, I know)
pseudohippie : "THOSE ARE MY CIGARETTES"
one of my friends : lol just say "is it GREEEEEEEN??? thats what i want!"
pseudohippie: lolol
pseudohippie : so I finally said, just give me the box
one of my friends : LOL
one of my friends : lmfao
pseudohippie : she basically just blankly looks at me...
pseudohippie : ...and says, "we have 100s"
pseudohippie : and I said, "fine"
pseudohippie : then she can't find THOSE!
pseudohippie : so I directed her to what box I thought THEY were
pseudohippie : and she gave me THAT BOX
pseudohippie : wtf?????????
one of my friends : was it the last one?
pseudohippie : in a row?
pseudohippie : oh...the last one they had? dunno
pseudohippie : couldn't see that in the stack thingy
pseudohippie : BUT STILL!
one of my friends : oh
one of my friends : i wouldve just TOLD the other employee- GET THAT
pseudohippie : jesus christ...those places EXIST on cigarettes, beverages and snacks
pseudohippie : I should have
one of my friends : if she said no, i'd be like "fine, where's your manager?? ur about to be fired
pseudohippie : I was stunned
pseudohippie : I just wanted ANY PACK at that point
pseudohippie : and TO LEAVE
one of my friends : lol
pseudohippie : and come home and TELL DARK
pseudohippie : who is STILL
pseudohippie : on
pseudohippie : the
pseudohippie : phone!
pseudohippie : lol
one of my friends : write him a note!
pseudohippie : lololol
one of my friends : ohhh.... PRINT this IM!
pseudohippie : I wish he had a printer
pseudohippie : haha
one of my friends : lol just enlarge the words
one of my friends : o
pseudohippie : HE DOESN'T HAVE A PRINTER!
one of my friends : lol
pseudohippie : lol
pseudohippie : no printer!
pseudohippie : bad wawa employees down the street!
pseudohippie : lol
one of my friends : geeeeeeez i didnt do nothin!
pseudohippie : lololol
pseudohippie : yes you let me complain
pseudohippie : ty
one of my friends : lol yw
one of my friends : like i said.. i totally KNOW about retarded ppl
pseudohippie : lol
pseudohippie : well, the rule is, "the customer is always right"
pseudohippie : if the customer is a sucks
pseudohippie : if the EMPLOYEE is a sucks WORSE
one of my friends : supposed to be yea.. until after they leave haha
pseudohippie : lol
pseudohippie : haha@until after they leave
pseudohippie : this woman may have had issues with english
pseudohippie : but FUCK HER!
one of my friends : shhh thats behind the scenes secret lol
pseudohippie : FUCK THEM!
pseudohippie : haha@behind the scenese
pseudohippie : -e
pseudohippie : oy vei

nietchze 43M

8/23/2005 10:05 pm

I admit, i'm guilty of torturing my customers sometimes. For a guy to walk into a home improvement store, like the one i work in, and admit he needs help with a project is difficult for some guys. It's rather De-masculating. So i ask lots of technical questions in a very matter-of-factly tone of voice just to make sure he says ' I don't know' as often as possible, even when i know the answer and i know he doesn't. Then i usualy give a slightly surprised look when he says it, just to make him feel stupid. Sometimes I make them grovel a little for help with larger oblects, or better yet if they ask for help lifting or moving somthing i just do it myself, especially if thier wife/girlfriend is present. It's quite fun actually....juvenille, but still fun.

pseudohippie 49F

8/23/2005 10:56 pm

Yeah, well, I think this woman was just a moron. lol

MissAnnThrope 56F
11488 posts
8/24/2005 9:31 am

Hey, how come you don't mention the feminine itching in this post? *runs, hides and blames nietchze*

rm_MrDark71 46M
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8/24/2005 11:22 am

As a person who actually goes to this WaWa it doesn't surprise me at all. Ok I understand your underpaid and have to deal with the idiot general public but to be such a f#ckin moron in public in absurd!

rm_TallPAGuy73 43M

8/25/2005 10:36 pm

It seems to me that your day would have been a lot less aggravating if you didn't smoke. It's bad for ya anyway. So is lack of sleep, and since I have to get up for work in two hours, who am I to talk? Getting my ass back to bed now. And yeah, employees suck too, especially my co-workers.

pseudohippie 49F

8/26/2005 6:10 pm


Good point, too. Double whammy...short- and long-term, and I put myself right into it!

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