The Importance of being Balanced  

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6/18/2006 6:20 pm

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The Importance of being Balanced

One major tribe says, "if you take something you must put something of equal or greater value in it's place." Lately that has been picking up the trash for me, since it is such an easy target with the extent of pollution to put a clean space where there is a soiled one.

I also listened to a Canadian researcher that says that some areas of Northern Canada are currently experiencing a 8deg Celsius (approx 12 deg Fahrenheit) increase in winter temperature, melting ice packs and permaforst everywhere. The locals are having to go out 200-300 kms to get their food where before they just worked the ice pack and floes nearby. OF course, his funding got cut since finding fresh water is taking a prioroity over alternative energies. And you think gas is expensive... just wait to see what happens to water...

No wonder the planned $200m NASA climactic satellites' launches were cancelled. That'd be public information, and stategic by any means in the given desert conflict. Pretty soon no one is going to want to live anywhere near the Middle Wast oil field, where Kuwaiti road made of asphalt swallow up cars to their axles in the noon day temps of over 130 deg Fahrenheit, and ice cream melts so fast outside that one cannot eat it fast enough. Eggs cook on the pavement, as do the MRE's. So all you National Guard volunteers that thought it was a weekend get-together "camping with power tools kinda thing", here's to you and all the things [you don't] get to do, and at least someone who know you got the "screw" just not the kind you were hoping the find perhaps. Get out the sunscreen as the sunshine program is out of whack, and the pool of enlistees has dried up faster than the Husseins' palace swimming pool.

Do the cammies provide more shade? The look like they have built in leaves, which there must be a lot of in the desert, are probaly a big help NOT. In any case, leave unattended Batman and Robin lunchboxes the freak alone. We all want you home more than you know, and want you back with all your fingers and toes (not to mention your mind).

Civvies... Plan for brownouts and hot temps this season, and the increased anger and violence that results. When getting hot n' heavy, be sure to be in shape lest ye expire from heat exhaustion, and be grateful for the quickies when the air conditioner goes on the Fritx. Chicago has built roof gardens that'll lower the roof temps 15 deg Fahrenheit. Lets see that means that the 140deg
+ temps will now only feel like... [you do the math]. Think the simple mantra "Po' folk die in the heat, we save welfare munney, hunny." I know that that statement sucks, but someone ought to say it cause that's what's up, and Grandma, for all we love her doesn't have an air conditioner that she can NOT afford to run at current energy prices on a social security pension. So buy the plots early and often... you'll then know where everything is leading up to, and where to find it when it does.

And if you're too hot, focus on this post's pic and think "Cool, man cool!" Ladies... Think "limp dic' pic's" means this guy with a beer gut has a way cold air conditioner, and can afford to run it. Hunny, that where's the munny.

...and Don't forget to order those ice-cold Cokes with that hot Domino-effect pizza... >

O, speaking of call up and deliver... predict that slurpees are going up in price... Call the girl what you will, you can bet it's hot to be cool...

Good livin' and Good lovin'!

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