Life is full of surprises...  

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6/15/2006 8:57 am
Life is full of surprises...

Hey, village!

Got a phone call late last night from someone who is interested in me. Thought, "that's cool..." As the conversation went on found out the reason she called was because a friend has a vestibular schwannoma [benign brain tumor that can cause loss of brain functions as it grows]. She was looking for help to get information on treatment options and ongoing research. So I hopped onto the computer (okay sat in the chair and began key-clikety-clicking away into several research databases not accessible to the general public. Worked at it for two hours and came up with about twent or so relevant articles.

While on the phone, in between pages loading, asked about sex, why she was reticent. She said that sex was not all that important in a relationship. I said that was not what I had heard and she challenged the "common" notion, especially in mass media, that it is important in a relationship. Whe asked why I had to agree with what was being sent out about this over the media circus.

I am thinking, "isn't the major distinguishing factor about a interpersonal relationship that there is intimate contact?" -- otherwise isn;t it "just friends". So I am wondering just how being led on I am at this point.

After the two hours were up, and the articles sent along to help her friend make the best decisions about a cancer treatment option, she said that she had the "intellectual meeting of the minds that [she] was loking for". Is it just me, or is there something awry here? Am I being used for my mind?

Glad to help anyone get rid of cancer... so I didn't mind helping a friend in need at all. Part of the "Pay It Forward" attitude I try to cultivate. However, that sometimes gets me in trouble by not getting my own needs met.

Over forty, the ladies aren't knocking down the doors to get in.

Curious as to what the rest of the village thought is really going on.

Good love!

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