A Walk in the Woods makes for quite a "chat room"...  

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6/14/2006 5:35 pm
A Walk in the Woods makes for quite a "chat room"...

Went for that walk in the woods and met the most amazing women. There I was with all FOURTEEN of them, and all available and meeting me with a friendly smile and conversation... no, I wasn't dreaming, and they were all married or on their own.

The conversations and curiousities changed almost with every corner and every few steps, and opinions and knowledge were graciously exchanged for the mere sake of pleasant company. No one was offering unabashedly "to show theirs if I showed mine", as we all had probably outgrown that stage, at least on the trail.

Girls, Ladies, when you say why are all the "good ones" taken, I think I met their wives. Needless to say, we all had a good time on our hike, taking pictures of one another and just getting into nature.

I learned lots of things that I would have never thought of on my own, and it makes it that much harder to condemn women as a species (not that I do, last post was quite in jest...hopefully the comments in it made that clear). It also makes it harder to condemn males as a subspecies also. As for me, well... the jury's still out on that.

Also came into contact with another woman who was a physical therapist with a Downs' syndrome child. Amazingly kind, she was able to give of herself in a way to help others feel better about themselves.

I guess that is what I am seeing lacking here. A lot of "what's in it for me?" [that might please you] so to speak, and not a lot of "what can I do for you?" [that will also please me]. There's a fundamental difference in the attitudes, even though both at face value may seem like "even trades". I guess it true what the Eagles wrote when they sang "when it all comes down to dealing friends, it never ends."

And that's the quandry that I see here, or the irony... a lot of lonely people looking for something for them, especially attention [and I fall guiltily into that latter category or I wouldn't be writing this].

I gotta wonder if looking for "what's in it for me" is a sound basis for any type of relationship, even for a one-nighter for those into that. There's always that sort of dangling issue of wants versus needs. In many ways still the child, I guess that getting needs fulfilled is something at which humans particularly are crafty.

Imagine the first time coming up with a synopsis of oneself, of over tweny years of life... in a few paragraphs.

I am curious as to the "benefits" that one gets here, and has our society changed into an online one, where people can be who they aren't to get what they want, and aren't who they are since that is a way to be vulnerable in a very unknown environment.

In any case, tagging along with the group outside in the mist gave me more positive contact than in a chat room, where it is easy to be sniped or to snipe another to "be snippy".

I wonder what others do when they are away from the security of the chair behind the desktop and outside the confines of their mortgaged cage.

The funniest thing was when we said "we hope you come again!" not only did we mean it, but also it took on an original meaning that has diminished on the WWW.

I imagine that there is something out there for everyone. Curious to know what it is for them.

For me, the Kundalini glows on a regular basis, so its good to get grounded like that every so often before I waft away into my own little world.

Any comments appreciated.


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