bag 2 and a half  

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7/25/2006 4:07 am
bag 2 and a half

Today we discuss the secrets of the male in the bath room. Those with weak stomachs read on, you can pretend your beliemic ( no offence ment for those with the real condition, Its not nice and it is demoralising, i would know ).
Relating to the last entry, about man and his infathomable obsession about his package, we go into depths why a man has to stand up to pee. The material i have is short so this entry will be the same.
Men in their wisdom (ive got to stop using that word in relation to them)have invented the urinal trough. You may think this is a small effort for mankind, unlike sending man to the moon and why did they only stop at sending a few? But there is an alteria motive behind this stoke of half baked genius. You see most men, thinking thier apendage is related to some giant undersea lathiathan have to put one hand on the wall to give them support and relax their method of release, this is not so dear reader. If you look closer you will notice that he is leaning fully over into the trough his head dips ever so slightly. This is not because of his huge wang lades, if you look closer the other hand is down near his manhood. He is looking for it because it keeps getting lost in the pubic mass, and he dosnt want to walk out with a wet leg. Sitting down would be worse because he wouldnt be able to see over his gut. As fat barstad had said once, if you dont see it for three years that is enough to declare it legally dead and that is the fear in the back of EVERY man's mind.

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