my ex-husbands nephew. yahoo  

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3/23/2006 9:40 pm
my ex-husbands nephew. yahoo

when i was married, my husband (at the time) had/has a nephew and when he came to visit it was instant attraction between the two of us. we didn't do anything, but flirt that whole weekend. my husband didn't seem to mind either. when we took the nephew to his ship (sailor) i gave him a kiss goodbye. then i went back and gave him a better kiss goodbye. again my husband didn't even look shocked. so a year or so goes by and at this time we are in the middle of seperating. the nephew comes to visit again and the attraction is there again, however this time i'm going to do something about it. i'm bummed about the seperation as we were together for 15 years. so on this particular thursday night,the nephew and i go shopping for me for some new clothing to wear out dancing. it was strange to have someone look at me the way he did, but it felt good to. i got some tight pants and a tight shirt. we went to dinner and over dinner he states to me that i need a massage. im thrilled that this guy in to me. i felt so unattractive until he came along. he is also 10 years younger than me. anyway, we get done with dinner and we go to the shore and sit and talk. he starts to massage my shoulders and i reach my arms back behind his head and he moves his hands accross my breasts. oh what a feeling. i had never cheated on my husband and i had not been with anyone else in 15 years. this felt so bad but so good at the same time. we continued to pet and i laid him down and unzipped his pants and started to suck his hard cock. it was awsome. he didn't want to have sex in the truck, so we had to wait for antoher day. on friday my ehusband), nephew and I go to seattle and we watch a comedy show. i didn't even sit with my spouse at that point. i sat next to the nephew and rubbed the inside of his legs as my husband sat on the other side. i totally ignored my spouse and paid all of my attention to the nephew. my ex had done this to me on several different occasions that this didnt seem wrong to me at all. on the way home from seattle we are on the top deck kissing and feeling each other up. then comes the spouse, what a bummer. so on saturday the nephew and i get ready to go back to seattle to go dancing. this is the first time in 15 years that i had a great time at a bar. i was danicing with someone who liked to dance dirty. at one point someone hands me a condom. it was funny. the nephew and i take off to find a bed so we can release ourselves. we find a cheasy hotel and we get inside and go at it. we had a tough start as i felt like a virgin all over again. it was the best sex i had had in 15 years. and the best part of all was that this was my soon to be ex husbands nephew. Kudos to me. again it was the best time i had had in a very long time. thanks Steve.

moonlightphoenix 45F
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3/23/2006 10:09 pm

Wow. That was hot in a really, really wrong kind of


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