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2/19/2006 12:57 pm

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blog #2

in my first blog i talked about my first experience in a strip club. here is the second strip joint i visited.

the next night we all went to another strip club. i had talked all my girlfriends into going with us. i found it exciting to find out that women get in free at this strip club. so we all were standing around wondering where we should sit. next thing i knew was that they were opening another stage just for us. it was awsome. this place was packed with men. the men found it tantilizing that a bunch of women just came in and they started watching us check out the strippers. i was in high gear this night wanting to have the same expereince as i did the night before. as we were all sitting around the stage a guy friend ask my friend "Mo" to give a stipper money. she was unsure at first and i stood up and stated that i would do it and i had my own dollar too. so i got a stripper to come over and she asked me to put the dollar in my mouth. next i knew "every guy in this joint was staring at me and her" it was an awsome feeling. She french kissed the dollar out of my mouth and it felt like every guy there just came in their pants. it was an excellent experience. next i knew was my friend "mo" got a dollar and the stripper asked her to put the dollar in her mouth, which she did and the stripper put her tits together and grabbed the dollar from my friends mouth. everyone found this very erroctic. my friend had a good time and so did the rest of us. I wanted to walk around on stage with my shirt and bra off, however i was married at the time and there was no support in doing this. i regret it to this day as i should have gone on stage and striped for everyone. it would have been an awsome experience for me. this was the end of my experience with strip clubs. i would like to visit another strip club someday with my boyfriend. i think we would have a good time. I might be bi-curious, but not bi-sexual. However I find women to be very errotic in certain situations. thanks for reading. until next blog... ..

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