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7/8/2005 9:56 pm

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I'm sure everybody knows about the sexual uses of menthol. You know the stuff extensively used in toothpaste, also in cough drops etc.

Alice says this on this subject :

Apparently they even sell gels which have menthol as an ingredient :

This link is also interesting on the subject :

Maybe some of you gals have tried it before. As for me well I fall back on that humble tube you find in the bathroom, yes I'm talking about good old toothpaste.

Here's the scenario. I will continue my session with you, the woman of my fantasies, after that last doggy session...

So I am lying over you, with my cock thrust into your cunt from the rear, and we are both still tingling with excitement, still eager for more. And you can feel my heartbeat pounding away against your back, and as you slowly open your eyes, it all starts coming back to you, about such an intense orgasm like never before, that you almost passed out, but you are alright now and you are ready for more where that came from.

And so I pull my cock out slowly from your cunt, and raise myself off the bed and pull you up with me and together we go to the bathroom, where after turning on the warm shower, we meet together under the splashing water. As we embrace you can feel my stiff meat poking up against your cunt, then you hold my cock with your right hand, and push it up so that it rests against your tummy and then we hold each other tighter. And then we kiss, a long, deep kiss, that seems to go on forever, with our tongues twirling and sploshing around in each other's mouth.

And all the time the warm water is gushing all over our bodies, and it makes that pitter-patter sound on the bathroom floor, that seems to shut out all other sounds, so it feels like we are all alone together, with no other sound other than our moans and groans of pleasure, as we grind our bodies harder and harder against each other.

And then I reach out for the toothpaste and I squeeze out a dab of the menthol white on to my tongue, and then I cup my mouth over your left nipple, and as I lick your nipple all over, with my tongue I spread the menthol over and around your nipple. As you feel the cool mint on your nipple you start to tremble and shudder with excitement, and your nipple starts to get erect, but I don't stop, I pull your erect nipple into my mouth and as I press it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue I start to make very light bites with my teeth below your nipple. And all this time I have some more menthol in my left hand and I am rubbing your other nipple between my forefinger and thumb. As I keep on doing this to you, you can feel your cunt getting hot and steamy, and you grab my hard cock with your right hand and you feel like thrusting my cock deep up into your cunt.

But I pull back and then I work my way down your steaming wet body with my tongue, until I reach your steaming pussy, and as I cup both my hands behind your tight ass and pull your cunt towards my face, my tongue finds its way into your slit, and my tongue probes around and finds your clitoris. And your little piece of red hot meat starts to throb as my tongue rushes up and down over it, over and over again. By now you are leaning against the shower wall, with your left foot planted on my shoulder, so I can part your cunt lips with my hands and my tongue can better play those teasing motions on your trembling clitoris. And I continue sucking and licking up and down your wet pussy, until you feel like you can't stand to wait any longer to feel my long hard cock barrelling in and out of your tight cunt. And all the time the water from the shower is flowing down our bodies, and it feels so nice and warm and cosy to do it right there on the bathroom floor.

And then ………. Sorry, the creative juices aren't flowing anymore (although I can feel my cock juices just bursting to get out of my tight fly, as I am writing this !). I hope you like this imagination of mine about the things I would like to do with you. I hope that while you are reading this you can start to feel a tingling in your pussy and then a throbbing feeling, and a kind of breathlessness, and then as you slowly put your hand down between your thighs, you will find your pussy feels all hot and wet, and then you start to feel how nice if something long and hard were to be shoved into your pussy right now, something long and hard like my cock, baby.....

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