the drawing board  

proftourist 48M
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7/22/2006 12:17 pm

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the drawing board

Seems i am back to the drawing board again..Is it time to give up finding someone who wants more than a one or two night stand...Really want someone who wants to stick around and be my friend and see what happens down the road..Life is short i know but can be so much more enjoyable with someone to share the good stuff with...Is it time for me to start thinking like a pig and begin to be one night stand oriented..Don't know but i do it hurts when you find someone you enjoy being with and they drift away and disappear and you have no idea where it went wrong..Time to rethink myself and the way i treat the women i meet..Gonna try to keep treating them like ladies and someone who wants to do more than sex and hope the right one comes along..though think she has and is gone..And no i don't mean any certain one..There are several i have met and had good times with and that have slipped away..Just a little piece of each still is with me and one day the one that combines the best of all of them will grace my world..Til then i will keep plowing away...til next update

rm_brelove 44F

2/21/2007 4:59 am

seems to me you loved this other woman a little more than you have let on to see i have heard many,many times from you how i was the true love you though you would never find..thats why 6 months later i wear your ring on my finger...i love you very much and if i didn't some of your vices would have driven me away a long time ago...i risked losing a love i thought would be forever for just one night with you and that one night has turned into forever...i know i don't say a lot of the things you wnat to hear right now but i have had some great pain of my own and you have to admit i am coming out of my shell slowly but surely!!!and the bedroom fun is awsome if you must hear make my body do things i did not think was possible...i love you with all of my heart.s

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