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11/25/2005 9:18 am

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sparkling turkey beverage

this, dear readers is my first official entry in the blog-o-sphere. i must say, i had no desire to do so before now and the only reason i can see for doing this is to share some of what has been the figurative bounty of my strange life's strange expeiences. so with that, i will now begin to attempt to introduce myself.

i am a white male, aged 34 years. i have made art in some fom or another from the time i first held a crayon through now. i live in minneapolis. been here for 10 years. i am divorced, no kids. great relationship with the ex-missus professor denim. i have travelled the world a few times on the dime of art. i currently paint for a living, supplementing that income with tattooing as the need arises amongst my clients. i have tattooed for 15 years. as this weblog hopefully evolves there will be more on the trials and travails of the modern scab vendor who moonlights as a lover of all things beautiful.

my background, natch, has me here. let me explain... the pursuit of an art-based career has the potential practitioner coming in contact with all kinds of "fringe" elements of society. so, it comes to pass that eventually the young tattoo artist/ painter types will be exposed to what can be defined as la belle vie, or "the beautiful life". sex. drugs. rock n' roll. this is a beautiful confusion. all mixed up and fun like your first kiss ever.

next up is the results, thus far, of these pursuits. well, i can certainly say the perks have been overwhelming at times. it has taken me almost all of my 34 years to figure out how to be responsible with some of the attention. i think the most trying part of all of the excesses was the absence of accountability and what that does to a young fella. socializing is not the easiest when you're a nerdy artist. now throw in some instant rock star appeal once you're out of high school and all of a sudden the same knob-head jock that wanted to kick your ass and stuff you in a locker wants you to be his buddy and "hook him up". his prom-queen student government sweetheart who wouldn't give you the time of day in high school wants to *ahem* "date" you and tell her friends how she's dating an "artist". funny how what we know as truth changes once we get a different perspsctive, eh?

so here's the point, or one of many if this thing goes well. as a tattoo artist/ fine artist/ illustrator/ traveller, i have a pretty unique perspective on lots of things. some would say it's a useless perspective, some would find it real helpful. i guess that all comes down to who you are. if you've ever entertained the thought of getting a tattoo, perhaps this is for you. after all, if you would trust your hide to the tattoo guy, why not his opinion on something far less painful and permanent, like the aesthetics of one's choice of avatars or the particulars of the lost art of post-orgy thank-you notes?

gentle readers, i am here to help. at the ready...

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