The Language of Love and Swinging together?  

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7/18/2005 10:18 pm

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The Language of Love and Swinging together?

Can someone find love and happiness in the swinger community? Can two people swing and still make sure that each others needs and desires are met. I think the two can live side by side and even grow into something deeper and wonder.

Something that I think swingers needs to have with their actual partners is some Quality Time. Not just time that they spend with the children or with others, but time where it is jsut the two of them. No TV. No books. No working from home while the other is engrossed in a movie. I think that swingers forget and they start to take each other for granted. It is easy for the female half to find all these guys or gals to play with and she may forget that her partner has needs that are not just focused around swinging. Or the male half is quick to msg and chat with some hot lady and rush to meet even though his partner is really wanting some quality time alone. What good can become of a relationship where one half does what they want and the other is left starving for their attention?

Quality Time to Me includes and is not limited to:


Quality Conversation that is beyond simple one or two word responses.

Activities that go beyond swing clubs and swing parties. Activities that center around each other and growing closer.

Any one care to share their thoughts on this? I certainly do not claim to be right on everything, but I hope I am at least close on this one...*S*

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