Only happens in the Movies....but WOW  

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6/7/2005 1:20 pm

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Only happens in the Movies....but WOW

Hmm it was 2 AM and I was having trouble sleeping. I get a msg from a female who I chatted with for a long time about everything and anything. She could not sleep. Well needless tosay we met and chatted in a parking lot. If I was not so tired, I would say more except DANG!!!! Maybe I will write more later when I have rested. But I will say that she enjoyed herself. Sadly, I was not able to since someone walked by and spooked Us so we drove off. But that was indeed fun. Nothing better than eatting a woman out till she screams!

Now off to bed!

I am shocked at the double standard that seems to be on here. I have received a few emails from ladies who were upset at what I posted. Yet I have read several ladies who have posted how they hooked up and had a night of wild sexual abandonment. And the ladies are very supportive of them doing that.

It seems that if we (society) are to treat the sexes as equals in the pay and job area, does it not stand to reason that on an adult swing site that we can share and do the same here? I would think so. I could see if I was slamming her or tossing her name around, but I am not. I am not even going to describe her in enough detail so that anyone can figure her out. I have to really think that some people are not as open minded as they claim to be. Please if you do not like what I write, you are free NOT to come back and look at it. Lets be civil and adults about it.

Okay here is the deal:

I was sitting up bored and could not sleep. I got an msg on the computer from close friend. Her and I have been talking online and friends for about 4 months now. Never really planned anything. The kind of person who I could talk to for a few hours and it felt good. She talked to Me about her problems and I have talked to her about hers. Her and I have shared desires, dreams and the like. We both shared the parking desire and chuckled at it.

She msged Me and asked if I wanted to meet up and chat. She later called and we decided that we both were in the mood for chatting and more. Well, I had NEVER seen her face, let alone a body shot. So we figure on a place and a time. I figured if nothing else I will get to meet my online friend and leave it at that.

Well I was in for a surprise, she was the BOMB. Long flowing hair and eyes to die for. We talked in My vehicle for about an hour, again about everything and anything. It was nice to move slowly and tease. The kiss that seems to stop time and brighten the night. The gentle, but yet unsure advances of the hands that were followed but light but hot touches. The hot breath that seemed to ignite her skin as I explored. I can not tell you in words how she made me feel. I will not go into great detail, but it was clear that she enjoyed herself and she really wants to keep in touch. I do not care if she does, but I would be VERY happy if she does and wants to do more than just sex. This is the kind of woman that most men dream of: a woman secure in her sexuality to say what she wants and then strive for it. If she was to want to be serious I would love it. There is an old saying: Do something once that scares you. Well it did and I am glad that I did.

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