Gardening!!! I think I'm killing everything!  

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2/11/2006 10:02 pm

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Gardening!!! I think I'm killing everything!

Ankle better but stil sore! Thank you guys for the advice, it seems to be helping! So I planted a ton of stuff in my front yard today ( OH MY GOD AM I EXHAUSTED) Anyway, I planted rosebushes, palm trees ( little ones, max height 6 ft) and tulips. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GARDENING!!! Why are some of my Tulips drooping? Do they not like sunlight? Anything I can do about that? I mean aside from moving them? They do look awfully pretty where they are at now! Also.... any hints on how to grow pretty rose bushes? i planted them and followed the directions, but patience is not exactly one of my virtues ( which you know if you have been following my blog) Anyway...CAN ANYONE OUT THERE TURN MY BLACK THUMB GREEN????? PLEASE!!! I SO WANT THIS TO WORK!!!!

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2/12/2006 10:57 am

MY wife could tell you all you want to know (about gardening that is) but I can't very well ask her . . .

prnstrs_25 37M/36F

2/12/2006 9:47 pm


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