Car update: totally far  

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3/23/2006 10:17 am
Car update: totally far

So, the claims adjuster came by far the estimate is just under $2200, which rocks because they cover up to $3500 in the uninsured motorists part of our policy! Of course that does not include the window that is off track, but she did put time on there to tear it apart and we can do that estimate from there, Also, once they start working on it, they will tear off the bumper and then we can see, whether or not the frame is tweaked (I hope not, I really like this car) So, it will actually cost more than that to repair, but it should still be well under the limit that they cover. Also, our deductible is only $100, so that works as well. So now I just hope that the other driver voluntarily signs the paper admitting that they didn't have an insurance policy with any other insurance company. They already know that the policy with the same company as us is invalid!!! So, if they do that this weekend (when the adjuster is gonna try to track them down) I can have my car in the shop next week! That would also rock, because my husband is out of town next week, so I will have unlimited usage of his car. Well, people, keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
I have the appointment with the attorney on Friday, so that's gonna be when I know more about what I can do to this b**ch!!!! I am gona be so petty, it's not even funny!!! Why shouldn't I be? She is the one that ran the light, lied to the cop by providing a wring phone number and insurance policy, and ended up not having any car insurance!! So, you know what, she is gonna get everything that is coming to her, I WILL make sure of that!!!
Anyway....hope your goys' week is going better than mine.

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