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5/16/2006 8:36 pm

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it has been such a busy week and then the road trip driving 11 hours in less than two days...i am exhausted! i come home and find a note from you on the door. you say you will be back later. thank goodness my daughter is staying with her grandparents for the weekend.

i take a bath and put on my black velvet gown and relax waiting for you. i fall asleep. i didn't hear you use your key to come in. i didn't feel the silk scarves you tied my hands together and blindfolded my eyes with. i began to awaken as you massaged my back and legs and began stroking my ass and pussy. i awoke to an already wet and ready pussy and tried to turn to kiss you, but you had secured my hands above my head and you were holding me down onto my tummy.

you moved my hair aside and kissed my neck and nibbled my ears and i let a little moan fall from my lips. you said, "shhhh...no sound or daddy will have to cover your mouth." i bit my lip and fought back all the noises dying to get out as i began to climax. your hand stroking my pussy and clit all the way back to my asshole was driving me crazy. i wanted to beg you just to fuck me fast and give me relief, but i knew that would only make you withold your cock longer, so i stifled my voice and became fully aware of all the sensations you were creating.

you continued to slide your hand from one end to the other in a torturously slow manner only occasionally dipping a finger into my wanting holes. your breath hot on my neck and your tongue and teeth were just adding to my excitement the whole time. you whisper softly into my ear telling me all the things you are doing or want to do and i am about to explode at just the thought. i can feel the hardness of your cock pressing into my flesh, but not near my holes. i tried to turn, but you held me firm. i can't stand it anymore and i cum and as i do, a gutteral cry slips out.

you grab another soft scarf and tie it around my mouth and tell me to be quiet. i feel a silicone plug and you insert it in my ass and tell me to hold it there. then you begin fingering me, first with one finger, then two. you are rubbing my g-spot and i want to tell you i am going to cum again, but the gag prevents it. you keep rubbing faster and harder and i squirt all over your hand. you laugh and keep rubbing.

all of a sudden, you withdraw your fingers without warning and replace them with just the tip of your cock. oh, how i love the feeling of the head entering. you hold just the head inside and barely move it at all. i tried to raise my hips to capture more inside, but still you held firm. i could not move at all.

you begin to slide more in and increase the speed and depth until you are fucking me hard and fast with your balls slapping my clit. i have cum so many times i can't even count them anymore. just as i think you are going to cum, you withdraw, remove the plug and push your cock into my quickly lubed ass. again you tease with just the tip and tiny movements until you feel my orgasm once again. then you drive it home smooth and slow and deep. this time you control your strokes until i feel you fill my ass with your hot cum.

you roll me to my side with your cock still deep in my ass and you remove my blindfold. then you remove my gag. you cuddle me and begin nuzzling my neck again and ask me about my trip. you never move your cock. i ask you if you are going to untie my arms and you laugh and say no. you caress my titties and snuggle so close, still inside me. i feel the rhythm of your breathing go deep and heavy and i realize you have fallen asleep. i drift off as well and sleep more peaceful than i have in weeks.

rm_TexasMade361 41M
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5/17/2006 11:51 am

WOW....now thats a story!!! If you are ever intrested in putting these words into action, please feel free to look me up...I'm usually in the A.F.F. "TEXAS" chatroom...Hope to hear from ya

prettysmart1964 52F

5/17/2006 12:34 pm

thanks...i appreciate the compliment.

rm_bigearl1956 60M

5/21/2006 12:30 pm

OH! ms pretty you are a fantastic story teller..or did it happen..any way keep it...fantastic....

prettysmart1964 52F

5/21/2006 2:06 pm

thank you...i need some more tales to tell, i think...lol

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