before the christening  

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5/21/2006 3:05 pm

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before the christening

it all started that night in the bar. i had been watching you from across the room. you were exactly my type-tall, hairy and very masculine looking. tattoos covered both arms and you had a boisterous laugh that caught my attention everytime i heard it. you were absolutely beautiful.

i didn't think you had noticed me at all until our friend came up and asked if i would be interested in going out with you. hell yeah slipped out a bit to quick. she laughed and told me you were wanting to ask me out, but you were a little shy. so i went back to the table with her and she introduced us. i know you felt the electricity because you couldn't take your eyes off of me and i couldn't take mine off of you. you asked me to dance to a slow blues tune playing on the jukebox.

you were over a foot taller than me but you slouched down and cuddled me up tight and we slowly rubbed our bodies together with the music. i couldn't tell you if anyone else was dancing because you were the only one in the room i was aware of at that moment. i was completely lost in your eyes.

you asked if i would like to go to the beach and talk for awhile. how could i refuse? it was like you were a magnet and i was pure steel. i didn't want to be away from you for a minute and i didn't want the night to end. it was rainy that night, so you drove your van instead of riding your bike and i had come with a couple of girlfriends so i gladly accepted the offer of a ride home later.

we got to the beach and the lightening was dancing across the horizon and giant raindrops were falling gently. we sat there for a minute, neither one knowing what to say really. then you looked at me and said, "i think if i don't kiss you now, i am going to die." i practically jumped into your seat and planted my lips on yours. we kissed for an eternity it seemed and the world disappeared for awhile. god, all i could think of was how your mouth felt on mine, your tongue exploring me and how your beard and moustache were softer than they looked.

somehow we moved to the back of the van. it was pretty empty back there. you rarely drove it except to haul your bike if you had to, but you had blankets and you spread them out and rolled up one for a pillow that you placed under my head. you kept kissing me and your hands began exploring my body and i was so wet and hot for you that i couldn't stand your slow pace, but you were in charge.

you took off your shirt and i ran my hands thru the hair on your chest and noticed you were covered in beautiful tattoos, mostly indian designs and animals. you told me that in your spare time you were a tattoo artist and that you would love to put some ink on me. the only light we had was from the full moon that peeked thru the clouds as the storm was clearing. you gently pulled my shirt over my head and off and began licking and sucking on my neck and breasts, your giant hands caressing them and teasing my nipples. i had my first orgasm with you right then.

you began kissing your way down my tummy massaging and caressing me all over, driving me insane. you unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and slid them down and off. you put your thumb under the waistband of my white cotton panties and traced it all around and back and slowly worked them off as well, following your hands with your tongue.

when you slid my panties off, you moved my legs apart and crouched between them inches from my pussy just looking and lightly touching and parting the lips with your fingers. you ran your finger over my clit and i twitched and moaned. you slid it down and inserted it into my wet pussy and then rubbed it back up to my clit again playing with it and watching. i was seconds away from cumming hard when you suddenly moved forward and covered my whole pussy with your mouth and began sucking and licking and teasing me with your tongue. i came hard and that just seemed to unleash some feral instinct in you. you were fingering me and licking, sucking and nibbling my clit until i came twice more.

then i pulled you up to me and kissed you deeply tasting me all over your tongue and lips. i asked you if you would like to lay back for awhile and you said you would like that a lot, so i sat up and you laid where i was just seconds before commenting on the wet spot there already. i kissed you some more and worked my way to your neck and ears and chest and tummy and then i saw the huge bulge in your jeans. i started to unbutton them and you grabbed my wrist and told me you would unzip them...something about not wanting to get caught since you weren't wearing any slid out of your jeans and i found myself staring at one of the biggest cocks i had ever seen, long and thick and perfectly shaped.

i have to admit, i was excited but a little nervous. i kissed your belly some more and wrapped my little hands around your shaft. i kissed my way down and licked you from the bottom to the top of your cock. i traced the head with my tongue and teased the opening by flicking my tongue across it a few times. i kept my hands around the base as i began to slide my lips around the tip and down the shaft. i could only take you halfway, but i worked with my hands and sucking, licking and rubbing my lips all over you seemed to be enough for you. i looked up from between your legs and saw you with your hands behind your head watching me and i have to say, you were the most beautiful man i had ever seen.

you reached down and pulled me up on top of you and slowly sat me down on your stiff cock. it was hard to get you in at first, but you were patient and just worked it slightly until it popped inside. i slowly took more of you in until i was sitting with my clit grinding down on you. i must have cum three or four times just getting you all the way in. i couldn't move for a minute and then i began to stroke you back and forth rocking slowly. i was so full that every stroke rubbed my clit hard and i couldn't hold off for long.

i came again and then in an instant, you had rolled us over and you were beginning to move a bit faster. i could feel your cock getting harder and swelling more and you began pounding my pussy hard and fast for what seemed like hours. i had never felt so good. i am not sure how many times i came, but the last one when you came inside me was so amazing. you moaned and i felt your cock release and shudder inside me and your face was beautiful. you looked down at me and smiled, sweat dripping off your brow. then you kissed me again and i felt all the electricity sparks anew. you laid down on top of me holding yourself up on your elbows, your cock still buried and throbbing inside me and you just looked into my eyes for the longest time. we didn't say a word, but kissed every now and then. i held your face in my hands and studied every bit of it, memorizing every line.

you pulled out of me and laid down beside me. you gathered me up in your arms like spoons and we watched the surf roll in under the moonlight thru the open door. you ran your hand thru my hair and i snuggled as close as i could. i loved how your breath felt on my neck. we laid there quietly in the dark and drifted off to sleep i guess, because the next thing i remember was the sun rising and realizing we had spent the whole night together.

you were awake too...

prettysmart1964 52F

5/23/2006 1:55 pm

well, i don't recognize the disguised dick, so i can't be sure...your profile sure doesn't help either...lmao!

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