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prettypussy4004 86F
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6/10/2006 9:06 pm

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Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart.
---Coco Chanel

Everyone pays so much attention to how women dress: "We should wear three piece suits, look just like men, and dress for success." "Women who get were asking for it by the way they were dressed". "Men like women who dress in a feminine fashion. It makes them feel masculine."
Is it any wonder that we sometime feel confused about what seems right to wear?

What if the way we dress is simply a reflection of our hearts? What if our main criterion for beauty is what feels good on our bodies and reflects who we are? What if we wear colors because we like them and not because they are "our colors" or make us look thin? This opens up all kinds of possibilities, doesn't it?

IF I ADORNED MYSELF to reflect my heart, what would I wear?
---Anne Wilson Schaef

Well, you guys see what's in my heart sexiness and color.

No road is traveled alone, just know your journey is a shared one.

HelmetMan2006 51M

6/11/2006 6:33 am

All the (b.s) axioms you rightly cite are examples of how we are shaped to conform to society. Expanding on that conclusion, it is easy to be skeptical of what exactly is in people's hearts. If you take a herd of calfs and raise them to go to the barn when the bell rings, they will grow to be an obedient cows. And that is what is in the hearts of the majority: just what they grew up with--follow everyone else and the all-important bell. (You can add Marxist to my existing labels of scumbag long-winded nerd.)
However, there exists the few who see through the veil for various reasons. Pretty, you can be counted as one of these rarities.
Although men's clothing is generally more expensive, at least we don't have to deal with as wide a selection and fashion shifting as do women. And even if we mess up, we are easily excused because, after all, we are only men.
As for myself, I would rather go around with nothing on at all. I guess that confirms what I've known for quite a while about the contents of my heart

prettypussy4004 86F

6/11/2006 4:52 pm

That's funny because I really wanted to use a nude shot of myself in a pair of sexy shoes but for several reasons I just went with color to represent what's in the heart.{=}

No road is traveled alone, just know your journey is a shared one.

HawksEarlyQuoin 67M

6/14/2006 9:22 am

You know the old saying "its not what you wear but how you wear it". Wear what you feel and feel what you wear. Never let society dictate what you want to wear ,feel or what you want to portray. Some women can't wear what you wear and look sharp or sexy. While some men will look , wish and dream they had someone like you with them. Wear what ever you want hold your head up high and step proudly no wait "STRUT YOUR STUFF" lol.
For your birthday meet some friends at a up scale night spot! No clean up no preparation no cooking but lots of dancing and party party party! In case I miss out have a Happy Birthday ! May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.
PS Thats also my grand daughters birthday.

prettypussy4004 86F

6/14/2006 11:54 pm

Thanks arlqqing for the B-day wish and what a lucky man you are to be part of the journey your little miss is on. Oh, what a complicated but beautiful woman...to be born on June 26 of any year.

No road is traveled alone, just know your journey is a shared one.

ladygray 36M

6/17/2006 7:50 am

I like to see a woman wearing whatever makes her walk with confidence.
You seem to have a fashion sense about wearing what feels right. If you would like to see me wearing something that might make you feel right let me know.
Nice pics...i am jellouse of your beaty.

prettypussy4004 86F

6/18/2006 3:35 am

No need to be jealous all you have to do is be the best you can be and your beauty will shine through.{=}

No road is traveled alone, just know your journey is a shared one.

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