pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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11/6/2005 2:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I went out last night and I had a great time. Just my best friend and I. I got a little inebriated, but I was a good girl. Some guy tried to tell me that he stripped earlier that day at a birthday party, I'm not to sure I believe him. He wasn't bad looking, but not how I would picture a stripper. Then again, I've never seen a male stripper, sooooooooo.

Ohhhhh...I have to get a new vibrator, mine isn't working right any more.

GuestInFrance 33M
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11/6/2005 4:16 pm

Did you try hooking it up to an emergency power generator?

momento123 58M
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11/6/2005 4:17 pm

inebriated please, what means this word.

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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11/7/2005 8:47 pm

inebriated...means drunk..intoxicated...3 sheets to the wind...lol

Nope, no power generator. If I were to try that, I'd prolly electrocute myself.

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