The Battle is on!!!!!  

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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6/28/2006 8:50 am

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6/29/2006 2:18 pm

The Battle is on!!!!!

Okay, you read my title and probably thinking battle? What battle? Or oh no, her and her husband are at it again! Nope, not this time! Well, it helps he isn't here right now, but anyways. This Battle in particular has been a long standing one. Its been a war I've waged for the last 3 years. Yes, its been a long hard war, the cost has been high, but well worth it. What is this battle one might inquire? Its the War of the Dogcatcher. *waits for the duh duh dunnnnnnnn sound* Okay, maybe that sound was just in my head, but still!

The dog catcher has it out for me, I swear! Ever since I've moved here, she drives down my street like 5 times a day. I'm thinking if she is on my street this much, there are most definitely parts of town she is missing. First, a little about my dog. She's a very good dog. She was rescued from the humane society about 4 1/2 yrs ago. My child and her are about the same "human" years. She came housebroke, would sit, stay, come, and fetch. Wow, what an awesome dog to get for a pound dog! She was and is. She was the only dog we looked at that when my child would run up to her at 18 months would just bow down and lay there and become a personal jungle gym. One we looked at ran away in sheer terror *not good, could bite*, and another just bowled my child right over *not good, could hurt, push down stairs*. Anyways, back to the war.

The first incident happened shortly after we moved in, it was trash day. My dog had been outside that night before bed and also that morning. She pulls into my driveway, gets out, and proceeds to knock on my door to tell my my dog has torn up trash on my street. I told her my dog did not do it, she doesn't get in trash. She said well someone reported seeing my dog around. I said perhaps, but it wasn't she that did it. You could leave her in a room with a trashbag full of food overnight and it would be untouched. She told me that I needed to keep her chained up. I'm not a fan of chaining up dogs, she's not a mean dog, why the punishment? She's a mix of a beagle *very scary, if your a rabbit* and labrador *also very scary, if your a dead duck*. Meanwhile, I have had neighbors come up and say how they seen this other dog tearing up the trash and my dog was no where near it.

Another encounter was when I received a ticket. Dog at large, yep. She had a picture of my dog in the ball fields, which is 2 houses down from me. The picture was 3 months old! Now, you are probably thinking you should just chain your dog up, but I keep her in the house until I let her out to potty. She just stretches her legs some. The dog catcher always gets her in the early morning. Another encounter I received another ticket. Her husband is the cop that writes the tickets too! My dog was outside, laying in my front yard, not running anywhere, she stopped in front of my house with her 2 dogs inside, and called her! Of course, my dog came. Grrrrr...I know this b/c I had several neighbors witness it!

I don't know why she proceeds to harass my dog and I. I am so tired of it. I've paid both tickets in hopes of things just getting over with. We've put up a privacy fence and well, my dog must be related to Houdini, b/c she keeps finding ways out. Dog catcher stops, tells me my dog is out, and that my town has a law about dogs at large. Can everyone repeat with me, DUH!!!!!

I've had my neighbors, specifically the ones beside me, across from me and diaganol from me tell me how its not right how the dog catcher is harassing my dog. They like her and like when she comes to visit. I have several elderly neighbors, they feed her, they talk to her. She loves on them. What really gets me is when there is a pack of dogs, and I do mean a pack about 7-10, running around my neighborhood while my dog is sitting beside me. Once, there was a pit bull looking dog in there. Where is the stupid dog catcher? Not there! I call the police, she's off right now, she's at lunch, she doesn't work today. Well alot of good it does me to complain! Something else, when I see her go down my street 5 times if not more, I go across town to the grocery store and see about the same amount of dogs running loose. Crossing the street, wandering aimlessly on the street. *sigh*

What is with my dog and myself? Why us? Its pretty sad when your neighbors tell you its not right and something should be done! If they can recognize it, surely she knows what she is doing!

Anyways, I've got my dog outside. In the front yard, she has a lead on. She's staked out because yet again, she has gotten out of the fence and I haven't been able to go find her escape route. So, I figured this could be good. The lead doesn't stick out, so the dog catcher probably wouldn't notice it. I'd LOVE to see the look on her face when her and her dogs try to lure my dog out to the street! lol.

Any thoughts? Comments? Suggestions on how I should proceed with my battle?

dandy6912000 60M/59F
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6/28/2006 9:43 am

I think you and your nieghbors should go buy some chalk and mark out a parking place for her, with a nice sign saying. this is reservered for the dog Catcher. We as good people wish to save gas and saving money on fines, would benifit for evervyone. Oh well, maybe your dog is the only one she able to keep up with, the other are to fast for her,or she afraid to get bit from the others.
Good luck D & S

Kaliedascope61 41M
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6/28/2006 10:03 am

I am one of those people who believe that if you own a dog, then you should have a fenced in yard to put that dog in, if you have it in the front yard then that dog should be on a leash that is attached to someone's hand.

No matter how you feel about your dog there are others that do not want your dog coming up to them for any reason.

Dogs are unpredictable around strangers, whether your dog is the culprit or not is not the point im making. Its a shame that the dog catcher is picking on you, but if your dog isn't fenced in, then the circumstance's are there for the dog catcher to believe what ever she believes.

Thats just my opinion on it.

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6/28/2006 10:18 am

I too, have been an owner of dogs in the past. We had 4 beagles at one time so I know how it is...they want to roam and believe me if a dog is even part beagle...they will find a way to escape, ours did it all the time! But...I think being a pet owner you do have some responsibility for your pet's safety and well being. What if your dog were hit by a car...or perhaps ran in front of a car and caused someone to swerve and get in an accident? What if your dog, from what you described is very friendly and passive, was not able to defend itself against another more aggressive dog and were either maimed or killed? I am not at all trying to take the dog catcher's side, because it does indeed sound like she has it out for you. But I am trying to point out some important facts in your situation. Surely you don't ever want to have to rush your dog who has just been hit by a car to an emergency vet...believe me it's not an enjoyable experience. Take the time out to walk your dog...find a dog park and let it run legally, giving it time to be social and interact with other dogs. Unless you live in the country...dogs really for everyone's sake involved should not be able to just run around the neighborhood. And that's just my opinion...not anything against your situation. I seriously would think about calling her supervisor and reporting her though if you feel she really is harassing you...perhaps you could have a few neighbors do that too if they have been witness to it. Good luck!


squezemetight 34M
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6/28/2006 10:21 am

blue, just move out here. i've got 4 acres your dog can run on, on second thought, better not. i forgot about the rabbits. we don't have a dog catcher in the country.

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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6/28/2006 12:33 pm

Hmmm, I feel a bit as if I am being attacked here. My back yard is fenced in, and she is a bit of an escape artist. Its not as if she wanders around town and disappears for days on end.

She stays at my house, across the street by the neighbor's door or the empty lot nearby. I've seen worse looking dogs, not to mention more questionable agressive breeds loose. Yes, we all know how terrifying beagles and labs are.

D and S....good suggestion, although might install a parking meter long enough to recoup the loses on paint, chalk, and sign. lol.

Squeze...I'm sure you have plenty of bunnies about

smiles4harry 38M

6/28/2006 3:42 pm

Well being a dog owner a few years ago.. (stopped when he passed away and also cause of my extensive travelling job..).. I would agree that I never wanted my dog to be chained but well he always had the freedom within the backyard or inside the house. Whenever he was on the frontyard alone he was on the lease not because he had to be chained but because i was afraid of the fact that playful as he is .. he might just get on the street and head on with passing traffic.. didnt want to loose him that way... But that said .. whenever i was around in the front yard he was off the hook.. i think its like small kids.. u let them play by themselves when ur around but well when they are alone you have to be careful and cautious. I absolutely agree that the dog catcher has some old scorn on you and is definitely harassing you but girl... I hope she gets out of her sickness of getting on you and your dog... ha ha the signboard id rocks!

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