Oh no!  

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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4/26/2006 1:34 pm

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8/11/2006 12:36 pm

Oh no!

Great, guess what? My toy broke! Grrrrrr....the little thing that controls the speed just popped out and off. I couldn't get it back on, so I threw it away. *sigh* Now I have to buy another one. Now that I know kind of sort of what to look for, it should be easier. Not to sure though, only my 2nd time in a sex store. lol. Any new suggestions? Oldies but goodies? lol.

SpaceRangerNJ 55M
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4/26/2006 1:53 pm

Seems like there is a rash of that going around. Jadedbabe78's favorite toy broke during a recent move.
Others have reported breakage. Must be the vibrator gremlins.

I think the rabbit is popular. Sorry I can't give you first hand experience and the wife won't let an inanimate object get anywhere near her so I can't even tell you her favorite.

You can always go on-line. Blowfish is one I know of. They have reviews. Testimonials if you will.

If you have to go without for too long let us know so we can steer clear.
Good luck.

TTigerAtty 62M

4/26/2006 2:02 pm

Good luck with your new purchase!

spacecadet561 59M

4/26/2006 2:54 pm

How old was the one that broke? How much did it cost? If it was cheap, go for something pricier in hopes of better durability. Consider also size, texture, other features. As I was browsing online recently, I saw more options than I'd seen in all the stores I've been in over the past 30 years. Happy hunting. Meanwhile, remember that you have lots of folks here who'd love to play with you.


Loosetooth 41M
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4/26/2006 3:59 pm

Er why not buy on-line. Better selection and you can peruse more. Not that I would know anything about this.......who is this?....prank caller.....prank caller.

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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4/26/2006 6:47 pm

Space...*gasps* vibrator gremlins????? Say it isn't so! *starts looking under her bed* I do need to look into the online purchase, just knowing my luck my little brown box will be dropped and contents spilled all over the post office floor! D'oh! Hmmm...you suggesting that if I go to long with out one I shall blow?

Tiger...thanks! I hope to have a new purchase soon!!! lol.

March...I don't know if it was over worked or not. I suppose it depends on what one deems as work or over worked. True?

SpaceCadet...That toy wasn't even a year old, I'm thinking 6 months, maybe 8 months max! True, might consider a more pricier one to see if it lasts longer. Since that was the first toy that I have ever had, I was a tad inexperienced as what to buy exactly. I shall take all those suggestions into consideration! Not to sure there are lots of people on here that would want to play with me though. lol. Thanks!

Loose...Hmmm..do I need to report a hijacked name? Quick someone call the police! Loose's nic has been stolen and the perpetrator is running amuck suggesting all these naughty things "he" has done! Sound good to you? I am considering the online things. Although previously stated, knowing my luck! lol. I could always attend one of those "passion parties". I've been invited to a few, yet never have went. Although, I've been told that they have toys you can "sample and play with." lol. Ummmm...okay?????

CruelKitty 45F
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5/21/2006 7:03 pm

This may be a little late, but I have two toys...a Crystal Rabbit..it's ok..a little overpowering sometimes. Recently I got one called 7th Heaven..it's awesome.

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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5/23/2006 4:08 pm

Hmmm...never heard of a crystal rabbit or a 7th heaven. I've still yet to get a toy. I know, I know...what am I thinking?????

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