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Oh my gosh...I am in serious wonder over our legal system. Granted, some of it is my fault had I not waited until the last minute, but still! Here is the story...

A few months ago I received a speeding ticket. So I forgot, then remembered and called a couple of days before the court date to hire my lawyer. I called, and surprise! An acquaitance worked there, I told her what was up, she fixed the papers out and sent 'em over for me before I got my payment in. Well, I mailed the payment that day and my ticket. No biggie. Thought it was all taken care of, all I would have to do is wait for the plea and fines and that would be that. Well, lo and behold I received a letter in the mail from the court saying how I or my representation failed to appear. My new court date was the 4th, and I had 7 days from that day to get my fine paid. So I, being Christmas holiday, forgot. Until New Years convenient I know. So I start panicking. I call my lawyer on the 2nd of Jan. (Monday). Talk to a legal secretary, she takes down what all I say, talk to the lawyer, he gets on the phone, and he says that I would be fine if I just sent it in that week, get it out as soon as possible. So I go to the post office, well darn it...its closed! *The NERVE of a federal institution to be closed on a day that wasn't a holiday!* So I come home and call the lawyer back, they tell me to get it out as soon as possible. So I go the NEXT day, buy the money order, stamp, throw it in an envelope, mail it out, keep in mind its the 3rd. Meanwhile, I think that is that. Oh no! I receive a letter in the mail from my law office asking if I mailed in all the stuff and fine. I called, told them I had, he called the court and they said it hadn't been received yet, called me back and told me that, I was like I mailed it on the 3rd and he said that it was okay, nothing to worry about. Okay..done? I think not! I receive a letter in the mail from the state last week saying my license has been suspended for failure to pay a fine. DO WHAT???? So I yet again, call the lawyer, talk to the same legal secretary, tell her what is going on, she said she was busy at the moment and would call the court in a few minutes. I suggested that I would try tracking the money order thinking perhaps lost. She said that would be fine and I would call her back. So I call the post office, they said I have to wait 30 days from when it was issued and that it would be 3 dollars. Okay, well crap, I need to know now. So I call the court. She was like oh yes, it was late. I asked when it was received, she said last Friday. I said FRIDAY??? The 20th???? You got to be kidding me! I mailed it out on the 3rd! She said yes, but it was a week late and she had to send it out. I told maybe so but I shouldn't be penalized for the post office doing WHATEVER. So I get mad, tell her I was calling my lawyer and hung up. Talked to the SAME legal secretary, she said, "Oh my, well what are you going to do?" I said "ME????" thinking uhhh hello! Thats the reason I hired YOU. Anyways, I told her what happened on the 2nd and how I mailed it on the 3rd, and that I shouldn't be penalized for whatever the post office did and that surely the lawyer could do that or she could do it. So, now I wait to find out what is going to be done. I'm ticked off. Frustrated. Upset. Bored. And no sex!

Oh, Tiger, this is not referring to you as you were not my lovely counsel on this matter. Perhaps you can suggest a good lawyer for my next ticket? Feel free to email me!

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1/23/2006 9:17 pm

[pretty_blue_eyes] - I may be able to make some suggestions. I don't have your email address, and since we are both Standard Members, we are not able to contact each other via the AdultFriendFinder messaging system. If you want to leave a reply to my comment, write your email address out in Chinese (backwards) without the @ and the . Your recent experience was a comedy errors, and I agree that it should have been handled much better than it apparently was.

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