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pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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11/28/2005 8:11 pm

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8/11/2006 11:41 am

Don't want to! was my first day back to work for about a week off. I sooooo didn't want to go back. Wasn't to bad, but still.

I still haven't heard back from the company I have interviewed with. So not quite sure that is a good thing or a bad thing. Its been a week since my last interview with them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and didn't eat to much turkey! lol. Mine went fairly well. I went to relatives house, so my house wasn't a mess. Well, it was, but not because of everyone at my house.

Checked online cell phone bill. Discovered that he has still been calling that chick. Not quite sure what to do about that still. I'm just to the point of thought that 1. maybe they are just friends. 2. if so, why is he still denying talking to her. 3. I just really don't care anymore.

Opinions? Thoughts? Questions???

Loosetooth 41M
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11/29/2005 9:38 am

My opinion: you should do what you want. Should you wish to turn a blind eye then do so. Should you wish to find out what is going on then get tearful and confront him with the bill whilst screaming 'YOU ARE FUCKING LYING'. I do not think he will hold out long in the face of such an assault. But then you will know and that is perhaps something you do not want/have the strength to deal with.

People always think that they/you should find happiness in their/your life. This is ridiculous. It is similar to telling somebody that the purpose of their life is to find misery. We all know that you cannot be miserable all the time, even if you try. So it goes. You cannot always be happy, in a happy relationship, in a happy job, if we were it would be awful (imagine being happy at somebodies funeral, or indeed laugh when you lost your job). Those are unrealistic desires. Better to aim for stability and contentment. So the question is are you in a stable environment and contented? If not then change, whatever that may be job/man/location.

My thoughts: I wonder if I can be bothered to cook up some nice dal.

My question: Are we nearly there yet?

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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11/29/2005 8:03 pm

Devils...ty. Might try that, although currently I'm not to sure of a 3-some.

You are absolutely right that one cannot be miserable all the time nor can one be happy all the time. Although I can think of several instances in which laughing b/c you lost a job would be a good thing! However, wouldn't it be safe to say that more people experience a loss of something more than others? Whats a nice dal? I'm completely lost on that one, so I'm not to sure I can help there. Oh, and where are you going? May I join you? Boy what I would do for a get away!!!! Oh...and your secret is safe with me. *wink wink nudge nudge* I only see one now!

Loosetooth 41M
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11/30/2005 2:03 am


"More people experience a loss of something more than other?" - I dinna understand that you will have to expand.

Dal is a type of curry based around pulses or lentils. I cooked Tarka Dal which is a traditional garlic and lentil curry. Very good (the Indians are genius's).

I am not sure where I am going literally and figuratively but when I get there I will send for you. BY the way there is two, but thanks for deleting those excess reprints.

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