first "swing"/couple experience  

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10/22/2005 7:16 am

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first "swing"/couple experience

I had never entertained the idea of meeting with couples until a few weeks ago. What got me started thinking about it was meeting the perfect playmate about a month ago. We have always had so much fun experiencing things together, including my first club experience. I had been talking to this couple for a few weeks and we finally worked out a get-together.
We went to their house, listened to music, played games and the alcohol was freely flowing! At some point in the evening my partner went upstairs with her and left me with him. This was my first flag.....if you are swinging as a couple, why be separated? I was looking forward to seeing my partner having fun and might have been tempted to join in.
The moans and groans from upstairs started immediately.....this doesn't surprise me...I have obviously been with my partner and I KNOW what he is capable of. So I get started...trying to get some action going downstairs as well! Assuming it was alcohol level and not my skills....nothing was going to happen downstairs. At this point I wanted to march right up those stairs and grab my man and get some of what he was giving her, for the third time I might add. But instead I stayed downstairs and watched him get angrier and more upset by the minute. Again, most of it had to be the alcohol, some could have been the "situation". He ended up asking us to leave which I was more then happy to accomodate....angry people scare me.
I basically tried to "appease the gods" long enough for my partner to finish his third round and get his clothes on before all hell broke loose. So we left and laughed our asses off, not to make fun.....just to laugh at the experience.
So, we will continue looking for the couple that most suits us.....with a few rules in mind. Stay in the same room....and watch the alcohol use. If you remember we are all there for.PLEASURE, SENSUALITY, EXCITEMENT.....and just plain FUN. That can't be accomplished when there are relationship issues, anxiety, and too much alcohol.
So, my advice to couples would be....know what you want before you try to make it secure with yourself....stay in the same room....and is all about feeling good, getting along, and making memories...Kisses!

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10/24/2005 9:03 pm

Wow that sucked for you, and not in a good way.

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