Breast everywhere  

prettibrwneyez62 41F
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8/3/2006 10:38 am

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9/6/2006 9:54 am

Breast everywhere

Ladies!!!! And also men since you MUST be on this site. LOL. I really have to tell you it's very hard for a woman like myself that is having a very hard time looking at these women on this site. Especially the ones that have the prettiest pussy and perkiest breast with the hardest nipples every. I sit here all day imagining what i could possibly do to them that i find myself dripping wet and hardly able to maintain my breathe. When i go to sleep at night i'm constantly seeing, feeling, kissing on those lovely breasts and waking up with my hands on my dripping wet pussy. I look over at my sleeping man and just begin to suck his dick until he is hard and i mount that hard ass dick as he says damn baby why are you so damn wet, i tell him not to worry about it just let me ride you while you fondle my breast and rub my clit. He can't imagine what is going on but he loves it. I tell him to grab my ass and spread them apart and massage them and go deeper while in my mind i'm imagining sucking on breast and tasting pussy. The more i think about it the wetter i get and deeper he go. I tell him to take his finger and finger my ass while i push his face deeper on my breast and whisper in his ear to suck it to nibble softly adn to flick my nipple with his tongue. He know i have a wild side but he dosn't know what is going on in my head. If he only knew that i'm using his dick to just satisfy the moment. When i cum for the umpteenth time i tell him my clit is throbbing so bad that i need him to eat my pussy. I spread my pussy lips and expose my clit and i tell him to tounge tip my clit, flick it with his tongue while I look him in his eyes and imagining some cute hot ass girl starring back at me. He tells me my pussy is so good. I tell him his tongue feels awesome, I push his face deeper in it, he lifts my ass and finger fucks my ass. I arch my back and lay back and enjoy his play time. His dick is rock hard i know at this time. I tell him to mount my face while i suck his dick. I suck and lick his balls, he's going crazy, legs shaking and i know my baby the veins are pulsating in his forehead. I spit on his cock and let it drip, catching it and sucking his dick and now just paying attention to the head in and out in and out. I dare him to cum, when he is about to reach his point of no return I stop, look at him and wait until his breathing become normal, I take it back in my mouth and dare him to cum again. I'm suckin, i'm spitting, I'm lickin and he's trying to hold back. When he's about to cum I stop and tell him to fuck me hard in my wet pussy. We doggy-style and he is fucking me in fastforward mood. I'm yelling at him to fuck this damn pussy harder and harder and harder. All you can hear is the slapping of his abdomen against my ass, He has me by my hips and he is fucking so hard that his fingernails are cutting into my skin. I'm loving it. I'm screaming harder and harder he tell me he's aobut to cum, I tell him he better not cum you black bastard. He back away and try to regain his composure but can't he tell me to catch it in my mouth. I suck his dick and he cums in my mouth. I spit it back out on his shaft and suck it off. He's still hard I tell him to stick it back in and fuck me some more. He fucking me, we sweating, I'm sucking, he sucking, we continue this for almost and hour and he bust nut again all over my jiggling ass. WE take a shower head back to our destroyed room and sleep like a baby. I wonder if he know his dick is being used. Wonder if he care?

rm_4missmiss 35F
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8/3/2006 3:30 pm

At least you are cumming. To even get in the mood with my man I have to close my eyes and image a soft sexy female between my legs eating my pussy. I have never came during intercourse so I would say you are pretty damn lucky. I only cum using my vibrator on my clit. And I have done that twice this week thinking about your sexy body.

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