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8/1/2006 2:13 pm

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It's saturday. After a long week of work I get up to find it's raining. Damn!!! I had a full day planned. I was going to get my hair, nails and feet done. Catch a movie and go out to eat with some friends. I call my best friend to see if she still want to hang out. She says the rain is going to keep her in. Oh well. I guess I will put on some jazz and clean up. Na, I think I will take a nice long hot bath. After a stressful week I deserve some type of pampering. Candles lit, jazz playing. I slide into my nice hot bubble bath. With a nice glass of chilled wine. Soak all of my stress of the week away. As I sit there I look down at my breast. Blow the bubbles off. It hit me. I have not had sex in 2 weeks. The warmth of the water is creating sensations that I do not need to feel right now. Damn, well my man is out of town for the weekend. I begin to rub my pussy. sticking in one, then 2, then 3 fingers in. I sink down more to get the real feeling. The water is up to my neck now and my nipples are hard as a rock. As i'm pleasuring myself and getting lost in my moment trying to reach the point of orgasim. I hear a knock at the door. I'm so into myself I igonore it but the knocks get louder and louder. I jump out the tub and run downstairs with my towel wrapped around me, Yank the door open and ask WHAT DO YOU WANT!!! It's the UPS lady delivering my package I ordered last week. As I'm signing the pad I can feel her eyes on me. I don't realize that my towel is slipping from my body. As I hand her the pad, the towel falls to my feet. We both reach down to grab it, she gets to it first and as I reach out to get it, she pulls back and walks closer to me. She begins to dry off my neck and back as she is facing me. Her 38D's all on my chest. I wisper in her ear that I wasn't done with my bath. And I grab the towel and walk in the house as I turn to close the door she is right behind me and says I was her last delivery for the day. She walk past me and i follow her. She begins to undress and as I watch her that feeling come back. We walk upstairs and I lead her to the tub I get in, she sits on the side of the tub and washes my back, I take her hand and lead her to my pussy. She begin to kiss me and finger me. I find myself moaning with pleasure. She kiss my neck, and make her way down to my hard nipples. She flicks my nipple with her tougne and I gasp. This is what I needed and she is doing everything right. She helps me out the tub and we proceed to the bedroom. Soaking wet and not giving a damn, we embrase each other, kissing and fondling and grinding and moaning. Loving each minute of our foreplay with each other. We finally break away and she makes her way down to my dripping pussy. He inital lick, send this feeling throughout my body that I shove her face deeper. She is flicking my clit with her tounge and trying to suck me dry. She is good. We 69 and she lifts my butt so that my juices drip on her face and she raises up to catch it and tounging my ass. Can you imagine? I'm so deep in her pussy that i can't breathe. She is screaming with delight, i'm screaming with delight. We cum and we go limp. We just lay there starring into space. WE fall asleep. She wake me and say that she has to go, her family will miss her soon. She tell me that she will deliver to my house again same time next week. No need to stamp, next day delivery. I see her out and come back upstairs. I turn the tv to the news, damn, it's not going to rain saturday.

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8/1/2006 2:46 pm

Very nice and erotic post. It had me going.

rbnhi 42M

8/2/2006 7:37 am

Very nice, wish i could be their to watch, or better yet join in where needed. I'm going to take me a shower now.
Big Reg

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8/3/2006 3:33 pm

Did this really happen because I live in the area and I could use a visit from that UPS lady.

prettibrwneyez62 replies on 8/4/2006 11:21 am:
the first one happened but not the UPS. That was just my imagination going wild.

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