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pranksterM 30F
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11/19/2005 1:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

first post ever

i havent been on this site for ages and now it has a blog so i thought i mite post my thoughts here and share with otheres.

well i tell u guys a funny story about my friend.
shes a single girl and just sleeping around lately....i dont know what other way to describe what she doing but im not trying to be rude shes a good friend of mine.
anyway she met a guy at a club one nite and she ended up at his place that nite and when she saw his was realy really really small like a pinky finger long. she faked it and didnt feel anythin. the funny thing was when she asked how many girls he had slept with he said she was the first but he meant in nz(he was from china) and she explained what she meant.....he said about 4. u no what she told me after that?
she said she felt so bad for those girls.
it was kinda location joke because she just told me about another guy she slept with and she fucked up her pussy so bad because his dick was way too big and even codom was broke.

well hope people like those jokes.

catch u guys later

anytime2473655 33M
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11/19/2005 9:42 pm

You should be aware of the trick some guys use to get out of using rubbers or to make themselves look big.

Rubbers like our manhood come in different sizes and lengths. By going a size or two to small it give the illusion of being bigger. Also, if they break it bive them the oppertunity to say dunb things like - "Want to continue without it?" Knowing you'll be too horny to refuse.

As for the guy with the choad- that was too funny!

*CHOAD- when dicks wider than it is long.

rm_Zia2003 37M

11/20/2005 7:45 pm

nice one, I eagerly wait to here another one.
Has your friend ever thought about a f*ck buddy (f/b) , that way she will no what she is getting.
I meet a chick in Wellington once who had a f/b. They had an agreement, if one of htem scorde someone else they would txt each other to tell them and if nothing had happened by about 2am they would meet up and go back to one of their places for some fun.

*where are the girls like your mate when I go out.... sigh....*

Some_Random_Dude 28M

12/5/2005 4:30 am

Well that proves most asians have small Dicks

rm_bad0072006 41M
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1/16/2006 2:55 am

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