Two Of A Kind.... Twice The Pleasure  

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Two Of A Kind.... Twice The Pleasure

Two Of A Kind
Twice The Pleasure

God is she the most amazing looking creature Ive ever laid my eyes on? Trisha is like every dream Ive ever had about being with another women...We have played online for months now with each other and she drives me crazy.... I fantasize about her all the time all day and in my dreams... I need to smell her and I cant wait to feel her skin all over mine.... her voice is erotic, I long to kiss her ...her sensual mouth.... stroke her hair ever so gently.... this needs to stop I need her so badly.... Oh My God! there she is ...she is all curves in all the right places.... I love the shirt shes wearing... I can see the creamy mounds of flesh she is showing...shes smiling that incredible way she always so nervous but so excited that were going to be sharing our first time experience together.... I stand up from the table to greet her...Hi there Beautiful... she says to me.... We hug each other and I feel a bolt of electricity go through my body.... she smells so damn good...I whisper in her ear that I hope she tastes as sweet as she smells.... and kiss her ever so gently on her cheek.... she gives me the all knowing everyone else in the room we look like two girlfriends out for gossip and dinner a girls night out... and that it deffinitly will be....I got us a booth so we would have a little privacy...hopefully there will be no awkwardness..... I did not believe that I would be this much more attracted to her then I already was...we just look at each other for what seems like forever....I think were both pleasently surprised at the other...she is stunning.... she has beautiful almond emerald green eyes...and long brown silky sexy brown hair.... she is tanned and is all lady..... I tell her that I cant wait to be alone with her....that the desire i have built up for her is killing me....she giggles and I feel her foot climbing up my leg....I could cum right there im so horny for her touch....we already know each others needs and desires,,,,we have teased each other over the last copule of months....I know she loves to have her pussy sucked by sitting on your face....Oh im getting so wet just thinking about it...we both order ceasars , I have wine for later in our hotel room for us just to relax ....shes wearing a very low cut red shirt....that color looks amazing on her...and a short black skirt....I can imagine what shes wearing under that it black,red, it lace , satin , silk? or is she naked and ready to go? Im wearing a one piece tight fitting black spaghettit strap dress and the back is just about backless to the top of my ass.... no bra just cute pink see through thong high heel shoes criss cross up my legs and make me look incredibly sexy...together we have every man in the room wanting to tag team us ...and every women in the room wanting to scratch our eyes baby girl I cant wait to get my mouth all over your incredible body she says to me.... im going to suck, smel,l lick and taste every square inch of you....she rubs my arm ever so gently....she leans towards me so you like what you see baby girl? the view is beyond my dreams...I want to touch her breasts so badly....I want you so badly my girl she tells me.... The waitress comes over and asks if were ready to order our dinners.... I look at Trisha and say I feel just like having dessert tonight what about you girl? she giggles and says ...dessert sounds perfect to me sweetie.... will have a strawberry torte please.... the waitress leaves.... im ready for dessert pussy pie is sounding really tempting to me right now I think to myself....I watch every mouthful Trisha takes...licking and sucking her strawberries...she knows shes driving me wild...I am cumming so bad and hope shes as wet as I am ? We pay for our bill and I watch as Trisha Stands up So I can take in her full beauty before me ....I can tell shes enjoying the attention were getting from the room as much as I am...the resteraunt is in the lobby of the hotel so all I need now is to go up the elevator to our room where shes all mine.... the door opens and were the only ones getting on.... as soon as the door closes I lean into to her and put my hand through her hair and give her an extremly passionoate kiss...her tongue feels wonderful in my mouth....her breasts against mine I cant wait to be naked ....the elevator dings its time to get off...she reaches for my ass as we get off the elevator...I cant wait to fuck your ass...she says to me....this is it room# 803 I cant believe that Im about to live out my fantasy... Im so excited but nervous too! What If? okay not now I tell myself....I close the door behind us and our purses fall to the floor....we grab each other by our hair and our mouths are devouring each other.... I run my hand slowly to her breast and slide my hand into her shirt...I gently stroke her nipple with my thumb....I can hear her start to moan....I start to unbutton her shirt...we stop kissing so I can watch her while I undress her....she kissess my neck and then pulls away again....I remove her shirt where it reveals a very pretty pink lace bra I can see her hard nipples wanting to break through the material ....gently I lower both straps from her shoulders..I can see her physically shudder...are you okay babe I ask her? the anticipation is killing me she tells me.... I peel her bra away from her breasts so it perches below them making them sit up nice and firm.... I caress them gently at first with my hands .... It feels just as I had hoped ...their so soft and sensual.... her eyes are all over me... I can tell she undressing me with them.... I bend gently towards her breasts and lick her nippples so lightly she gasps for breath like im sucking out the air she feels so good she tells taste sweet my girl I say to her.... You havent tasted the sweetest part of me yet she winks at me and kisses me with every inch of desire were both feeling for each other....she slips my straps off my shoulders gently slowly revealing my breasts for her pleasure....lets see how good you taste she says to me....Trisha knows my weakness is my brests, especially my nipples... she flicks her tongue gently playing with my erect nipps.... and the gently sucks on them inside her mouth still playing with them ... I hike her dress up to her waist and slide her pink panties over to one side and gently slide my finger between her hot moist lips... I just want to feel her pussy...shes so wet it drives me crazy... I remove her skirt and it drops to the floor...i start from her neck and work my way down sucking & licking her....I stop right above her panty line....she grabs the back of my head by the hair....and urges me on to her sweetness...she slowly spreads her legs for me...with her panties to the side I spreag her lips ever so gently and lick her clit with my tongue....I tour every inch of her pussy with my tongue...she smells and tastes incredible....Im loving this I know she can feel her orgasim by her breathing and her moaning so I start licking the inside of her thighs....I stand up and turn her around against the wall.... I want to rub against her... I lower my dress to the floor and pull my panties to the side so I can rub my clit against her ass....she pushes away from the wall with her arms...I can caress her breasts and rub her nipples between my fingers.. I grab her by the waist with my other hand so I can get a firm grip on her... we bump and grind together like strippers and were both dripping wet with cum....she turns around and kissess me... takes my hand and leads me to the bed...lay down she tells me...she kneels between my legs on the floor...and starts licking up the inside of my legs.... she spreads my legs wide and licks me right through my panties,,,Ummmm God it feels so incredible.... ...Lay back and enjoy she tells me....slowly she takes off my panties....she put my feet on her shoulders and pulls me closer to her mouth.... instead of spreading me she gently kissess the outside of my lips and as quickly as she can she licks me all over....i feel her tongue slip betwen my pulsating lips and grace my clit....she starts sucking on my clit so gently...I feel mine coming taste so good baby Trisha whispers to me...I cant believe how turned on i am ..... come here Trisha I tell her.... she stands up and I remove her pantys from her perfect flesh to reveal her completeness... I want her so badly all over my body....we lay side by side togetehr looking into each others eyes kissing, stroking each others and breasts...I run my hand down the side of her body and grope her perfect ass.. I move down a little so I can fondle and suck on her she plays with my hair running her hands through it as she moans with absolute pleasure....I reach between her legs so I can rub and slowly insert a finger into her soaked pussy....she grinds up and down on my finger.... she is enjoying it so much... I insert another finger she moans wildly her breasts are so firm and her nipples are so erect in my mouth.... I love sucking in her perfect tits.... they are not big but perfect...I dont want it to end like this for her so I release my fingers and give her a minute to catch her breath.... Feel Good Beautiful??? Ummm Hmmmm.. Shes Breathless and I love it! she lies me on my back and gets on her knees betwen my legs.... she then straddles one of my thighs and slowly spreads her pussy apart for me to see as she starts riding me moving gently up and down my thigh...Its so erotic and her pussy is wet and so hot ....she leans forward so her breasts are rubbing against me... she starts sticking her tongue in and out of my ear...she reaches down and rubs my clit with the palm of her hand... it feels way too good.... I grab her ass and help her grind harder against my thigh....dont cum yet I tell her Im not done playing with you yet Bella...I want you so badly she tells me....I flip her on her back and grind up and down on her thigh sitting straight up....this does feel pretty good I tell her...come here so I can suck on those beautiful tits of your she beckons.... I pull her up to a sitting position so I can play with her hair as shes sucking and im grinding....I sit on the bed facing her and we spread our legs and criss cross them together so our clits can grind one anothers ...I start kissing trisha with so much pent up passion Ive had built up for sleeping with another women...she grabs my waist and start moving her hips so our clits rub together the heat is incredible....she tells me to lean back on my arms a little... she sucks on my breasts and gropes them with her hand.... the pulsing in my cunt and the feeling I get in my stomach starts to come on....I tell her to lean back on her arms...we stare at each other and slowly puch with our arms & legs our cunts grinding together...looking into her eyes and feeling the attratcion she feels for me is driving me over the edge....we start grinding a little fatser....were in rythm with each other...were both so wet...its dripping between our legs its all over the bed...I love it! I want mine she moans to me.... J~ fuck me baby please.... our rythm is wild were almost out of control.... I can feel mine coming I want to hold her close to me so I can feel her breasts rubbing against mine...we start kissing, our tongues goinf wild,,,I hold the back of her clit is pulsing so bad...Trisha I feel mine baby, I want you so bad.... My girl mine is right there come on fuck me... we both lean back and fuck each other as hard and as fast as our hips will let us ...Oh Yes Trisha you feel so good baby...My orgasim hits like a bolt of lightning...Oh God Yes... Look at me she says...just as I look up into her eyes she cripples in complete ectasy...we fondle each other breasts to ride out the wave...I reach for her face and kiss her pouty full mouth...Your increible I tell her...I will be again and again tonight too for you baby...How about some wine and a bubble bath? I ask her.... Id love to rub bubbles all over every inch of your beautiful body she winks at me.... we lay down side by side and kiss and stroke and rub each other gently.....


Hydragenias 56F

9/8/2006 10:34 pm

wow Wow WOW! YOU have a FANTASTIC blog going on here!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Blogaritaville!

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prairieplaygirl 40F

9/10/2006 8:26 am

Hey Loving Guy....I get naturally lubed while im writting...even have to stop sometimes to play before I can continue because I get so HOT... Im glad you enjoyed it... J~

prairieplaygirl 40F

9/10/2006 8:28 am

Hey Hydragenias.... I like to hear you like my stories...where are all the other ladies?....Im flattered with the invite to Maragritavill...ill be sure to stop bye....J~

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