X-Rated & Funny Shot Glasses  

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X-Rated & Funny Shot Glasses

X-Rated & Funny Shot Glasses

St.Patricks Day is Friday. I AM Irish and proud of it! I shall be wearing me green! Being Irish means having to hold your own when it comes to drinking. You know....the potato vodka and such. As far back into my youth as I can remember, my Irish clan always celebrated with shots of their favorite spirits. Yeah, we are a fine bunch of Irishmen and Lassies. I'm a typically pale-skinned, hot-headed, loud-mouthed and stubborn Irish washer-woman. My favorite shot... which I first tried long ago...is a BLOW JOB. Don't tell me...Da!!


1 part Irish cream
1 part Kahlua
Whipped cream

- Mix the Irish cream and Kahlua in a shot glass. Top with whipped cream. Drink using only your mouth--no hands. No cheating!!
( Virgins should add a cherry on top of the whipped cream. First eat cherry or have someone else eat it to avoid a choking hazard )

Here are a few x-rated / funny shot glasses you may wish to use.


Fellatio is French for Bone Appetite

Drinking Promotes Freedom of Speech

Warning! Alcohol may cause excess booty calls at 4am

There's a sucker born every minute. But Swallowers are harder to find.

Friends don't let friends bring home ugly WOMEN.

Guy with attitude seeks nice girl to dump on.

"I Drink to Make People More Interesting."

"Your Little Princess is my Little Whore."

"Will buy Drinks for SEX!"

PUSSY--A satisfying meal in a tasty little box.

"A shot of Tequila...helping White Guys Dance since 1869."

"Make me Happy?....Swallow!"

MEAN people SUCK, Nice people Swallow.

I Drink, I Screw, I Forget.

"I'm not Drunk, I'm just chemically off-Balanced."

"All Grown-up and Still Fascinated by Nipples."

"I Always Take Life With A Grain of Salt....A Slice Of Lime And A Shot of Tequila."

"Part-Time Princess! Full-Time BITCH!"

Beauty is in the eyes of the beer-holder

"One Drink I Feel Good. Two Drinks, I Feel Everybody."

AA Meetings--A Place To Meet Drunken Sluts.

Drink Till He's Cute.

"I’ll be zober tomorrow but you will be ugly for the rest of your life."

Liquor In Front -- Poker In The Rear.

Shots Make People See Double And Feel Single.

“You Lick It--You Own It.”

“You're A Naughty Girl, Go to My Room!”

“I'm Trying To Graduate With A 4.0 ( blood alcohol level )”


“I’m NOT As Think As You Drunk I AM”

“Don’t Tease Me If You Can’t Please Me!”

“I Love NYmphomaniacs."

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