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5/22/2006 2:51 pm

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Decibel Level - - - What We Hear
30 dB - - - - - - - - - Whisper
50-65 dB - - - - - - -Normal conversation/laughter
70 dB - - - - - - - - - Vacuum cleaner, hair dryer
88 dB - - - - - - - - - Motorcycle
85 - 90 dB - - - - - - Lawnmower
110 dB - - - - - - - - Jackhammer
110 - 125 dB - - - - Boom box
140+ dB - - - Rick Springfield Concert

As you read in my lovely (and lustful) wife's blog, today...we attended the Rick Springfield concert at Mohegan Sun last night.

We truly did have a perfect evening together.

When my wife is happy...I am happy..!

The one thing that I was astonished to find out last night, is the fact that I'm NOT totally deaf in my left ear..!

When the music began...I instinctively put my right index finger up to block my right ear.

Since I slowly started to lose the hearing in my left ear, 10 years ago...I guard my one remaining "good" ear whenever I'm around loud noises.

Well, surprise, surprise...I was actually able to discern and comprehend the words that Rick Springfield was singing...with my left ear..!

Of course, if I was totally deaf in BOTH ears, I'm sure this phenomenon would have still occurred....maybe not by sound vibrations in my auditory canals...but through the constant vibration that assaulted my entire body..!

For over an hour and 50 minutes, last night...literally, non-stop...the level of sound in the Mohegan Sun Arena had to have been above 140 dBA (decibels, sound meter level "A" scale)

I haven't had that level of sensory sound vibration coarsing through my body since I worked for a jet engine manufacturer, and (while wearing a pair of $300.00 sound-blocking ear-muffs) had to do an annual sound level survey inside one of the engine test cell monitoring control rooms.

No wonder the couple in front of us (who appeared to be in their mid-50's) left during the first song...they probably STILL had good hearing..!

But I'm NOT complaining...

Mrs. Prag is STILL happy from our evening, last night...I also had a great meal at Michael Jordan's Sports Cafe...had my Smirnoff Ice from the concession stand...and, while Mrs. Prag rolled her eyes and "oohed and aahed" with her Krispy Kreme donuts and Starbuck's Ice Tea on the way home...I slurped my Hershey's Chocolate milk shake from Johnny Rocket's.

But, I'm not going to the Def Leppard concert next month..! It's during the week, and besides...after another rocking night of music from her youth...some lucky person may just get to experience the sexual passion that she's always capable of..!

I'll get to hear all about it the next day..!!!!!


TheRealThing655 48F
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5/22/2006 4:57 pm

Oh c'mon, you HAVE to see Def Leppard!!!

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/23/2006 3:51 pm:

SortsOmensAlien 58M
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5/23/2006 6:24 am

Sounds like a good time

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/23/2006 3:53 pm:
It was...thanks..!

NSAAddict 42F

5/23/2006 6:20 pm

you're a good man to endanger your hearing for your lovely wife, next time bring plugs!!

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/24/2006 1:00 pm:
I tried...but the security guys picked up on that butt plug immediately and wouldn't let me take it in..!

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/23/2006 8:12 pm

I love Rick Springfield. He's resurrected himself in the daytime on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake. Well, I'm glad they did it because his son on the show is smokin' hot!! Much, I'm sure, like Rick was 20 some-odd years ago. Sorry... I lost track. You're a good hubby for doing something she obviously wanted that you didn't give two shits about.

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/24/2006 1:03 pm:
The absolutely worst time I've ever had with my wife...is so much better than the best time I ever had in my life before I met her.

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/24/2006 2:24 pm

aaaaaahhhhhhh... how sweet!! What a lucky girl

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 4:06 pm:
.....AND, a lucky guy..! happym;

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

5/25/2006 5:38 am

Mr. Bambi here...

Wait, help me out here... "Tomorrow" (I read your blogs backwards), you will discuss the virtues to swinging and having on open marriage. As you say, the concept might seem strange to many but personally, I totally understand your logic. If it works for the two of you - CUDOS!

What I can't understand is your choice of music. WTF! Rick Springfield was chosen over Def Leopard? Son, this is a mortal sin. You better do some heavy praying if you are going to make it into heaven. LOL

"Mr. Bambi"

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 4:10 pm:
Rick Springfield was chosen because it was a Sunday...Def Leppard will not have me in the audience due to it being a Wednesday...and I'm not planning on going to heaven..!

Remember.....W - O - R - K is a four-lettered word..!!!!

docdirk 47M

5/25/2006 5:50 pm

I'm literally surprised that I still have my hearing. Loud, heavy, metal concerts were all that I lived for during the 80's and sporadically since. I was 8th row for Iron Maiden's Somewhere on Tour when they broke the Guiness record for loudest indoor sound. I couldn't understand why all those other wimps had earplugs!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/26/2006 5:56 am:
Mr. Prag doesn't know Iron Maiden...he thinks it is a porn title..!!

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/25/2006 10:49 pm

Okay... okay... I get the picture. You guys are sick in love. Stop rubbin' it in, already.

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/26/2006 5:58 am:
Yes, we are sick...and not looking for the cure..!! Have a great weekend..!!

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