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5/24/2006 8:09 am

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My Words Of Wisdom

With the big day soon approaching...I want to pass along and share a few things I've learned in my 39 years. Hopefully, you can take something from it.....

~ In all important matters...think with your head, not your heart.

~ Be an adult in your marriage.

~ The mirror will never show all that you are.

~ It is okay to be lonely.

~ Forgiving is good for your soul.

~ Know yourself before marriage.

~ Don't have children unless you can show them love unconditionally.

~ Never judge others by first impressions.

~ Cry when you need to but laugh just as much.

~ It is possible to love someone, but not like them.

~ Pain is a great character builder.

~ Give your children what they need, not what they want.

~ It's okay to say "NO" to others.

~ Unless you can feel empathy for others, you are emotionally impotent.

~ Ask for what you want in life. People aren't mind reader.

~ Pity those, who have harmed you.

~ There is no such thing as putting your past behind you. Embrace it, face it, learn from it, but don't replay it in your future.

~ It is never to late to say "I love you." or "I'm sorry."

~ Growth and change in any marriage is normal. The trick is, to do it together.

~ If "being right" means more to you than anything else. Stay single.

~ Each and every woman possesses her own natural beauty. It is up to each woman to recognize and own their individual beauty.

~ Thin may be in but meat can be sweet.

~ Between two consenting adults no form of sex is wrong.

~ Resentments only hurts the ones that carry them.

~ A bigger and better person will demonstrate compassion rather than inflict hurt.

~ Be careful for what you wish just may get it.

~ You are only as smart as your last mistake.

~ It is possible to have everything and be miserable or have nothing and be happy.

~ Children learn and hear more from what is not said, than what is said.

~ Maturity doesn't come with age.

~ Always listen more than you speak.

~ Never compromise yourself for anyone.

~ We can't choose our parents but we can choose the type of person that we develop into.

~ Love is both the greatest and the worst emotion.

~ Friends are people who stick around in-spite of who we are.

~ The secret to a happy marriage is great communication, complete honesty, support of each other, open sexuality, and the ability, willingness,and commitment to work out any and all problems. Yes, marriage is work. There is no such thing as a storybook marriage. However, two people can be happy and have a good life together with ALL the above tools.


5/24/2006 9:32 am

I'm going to copy this and frame it..all wonderful thoughts to live by..
Wishing you a birthday as beautiful as you are ..Sorry.. thought it was last week.

under the stars
We choose to write
you choose what you comprehend.
read twice and be nice
every key stroke... has a heart beat

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 6:45 am:
Thanks Muff. I like to think I've learned a thang or two...!!! I've got the sreatch marks to prove it...!!

No problem on the b-day thing...I'm in no hurry..!! LOL

NSAAddict 42F

5/24/2006 1:28 pm

Those are some wonderful lessons you've learned in your young 39 years, thanks for sharing them and happy early birthday

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 6:46 am:
Thanks sweetie...It is amazing what you can cram into 39 years...!!

angelofmercy5 58F
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5/24/2006 2:49 pm

This was just beautiful. Such wisdom from someone only 39! lol I should print them and remind myself of them each and every day. I will be here to wish you happy birthday. And darn....I want to be that 20005th commenter! lol

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 6:47 am:
Yeah...I'm older than my years...Mentaly that is. Thanks Angel. Mr. Prag will let you know on the 2000 comment thing...keep your wings crossed..!!

lightswitch1963 68M/53F

5/24/2006 5:10 pm

Such wisdom. I too will copy it. Old dogs can learn new tricks. lol

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 6:48 am:
Thanks lightswitch..!!

TheRealThing655 48F
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5/24/2006 8:01 pm

That is just fabulous. It covers everything. I'm keepin' this one. Thank you, and Happy 40th!!!

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 6:49 am:
Thanks RT...anytime I can help pass on a few lifes lessons. God knows the kids don't want them...they NEVER listen.

libgemOH 56M/52F

5/25/2006 4:09 am

Damn!! You're pretty smart for a woman who's about to turn 39...AGAIN!!! I love you! -B

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/25/2006 6:50 am:

wildoats19622 54M
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5/25/2006 11:40 pm

Life's lessons learned. they aren't always easy to follow, but life isn't always easy.

Good Post!

Crosswords increase your vocabulary. Cross words increase your blood pressure.

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 5/26/2006 5:51 am:
Thank you...So much went into all those lessons..!!

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