Wanna try out for our mixed double full contact sportfucking team?  

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1/19/2006 7:32 am

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Wanna try out for our mixed double full contact sportfucking team?

We decided to explore swinging a few years back cuz Marty was really wondering if she was a bi-lady and hey let's face it Franks a good hubby that wants to please his wife and give her all her fantasies..plus fulfill a few of his own on the way.We've been in the lifestyle for over 3 years now.Like alot of other anxious couples we were hot to trot.After chatting in some of the rooms we meet some really fun folks on the "Couples Couch".We were told to be patient and we'd find a nice couple..the advice was correct.It was fortunate we meet a few couples that knew how this all works. and we were invited to a couples only swingers dance..All we can say is "Wow!!" we had a great time and think its a fun way to get your feet wet within a safe and secure setting.We recommend the dances to any couples that want to find out what this lifestyle is all about.Well after meeting numerous people..some we played with and others we passed on, we have found out a few things..Most folks join this site out of curiousity..some really are who and what they say they are..others are dreamers , fakers, or wanna be ers..It doesn't take long to figure it out either.When you get a message see if you can chat to them..if they chat ask if you can call them or they call you..if thats not possible cut em loose they are pulling your chain..Arranging a meeting doesn't take alot of thought go to a public place, resturant, bar,park, where ever theres other people and you feel safe there.After trying FMF we took a few months a decided that a couple would be a better idea..No offence to the occasional single but let's face it nobodys left out to watch when theres an even number.We play in the same room same bed and foursome play is fine with another bilady and her staright man.Been to hotel paties, house parties are great fun,dances are the best cuz theres alot of erotic flirty fun times at the dance and even better play in the rooms after the dance is over, but only if you decide to participate.we've gone home or back to our room alone on aoocasion..not all couples work out..try not to get hung up on that..its like a crap shoot..some cpls click and others don't.NO big deal we are not inot th8is for procreation or marraige..just sey hot erotic play with everybody agreeing on who and how will do this and that.Advice..keep some of your opinions to yourself unitl you get to know the other people better..One guy commented about marty's pierced titty being"self mutilation" hence..he got NO PUSSY!!So what we're trying to say is Lifes to short for alot of pretending and posturing..just relax be yourself,be secure in your relationship and in your self image, and realize nobodys gonna take anything away from you..just give you a chance at some different sex partners, and maybe a good friendship will blossom like it has for us.We find the memories of our past experiences to be very fine stimulation and when we grin like a couple of possums at each other..we both know we're thinking about how much fun we've had and wish we'd started doing this alot earlier in our lives.Some folks got a hang up about age,shapes, sizes, colors.Pretty packages are fun to unwrap, but the real present is inside. All we can say is "Who you jiving with that Cosmic debris?" Let's all enjoy ourselves we work in show biz and this is NO dress rehersal

bigells 66M  
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2/24/2006 1:36 pm

what a neat....honest couple.
wish you'd consider this "mature" man.....who adores your wife!

MIgirl4fun 41M/46F

11/8/2007 1:30 pm

we know we like you guys so much and have always had fun and enjoyed the company of you two looking forward to many more time together in the future . you guys ROCK and wow some of the best company we have had the pleasure of enjoying . hugs and kiss from the both of us

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