Hope her husband doesn  

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5/13/2005 10:10 am

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Hope her husband doesn

Hope her husband doesn't catch me.

Dang I love my dreams. (most of the time) Had a good one last night. I never stopped it even though I'd never do in real life what I dreamed. But as requested by readers, here is last nights dream.

Concrete wife: 5/12/05

I have a neighbor who owns a cleaning business and works nights. He has a lot of horses and has hired me to pour a concrete barrier around his corals. I will do the last pour today.

He also has an "heavenly" wife who works days.

Yesterday I got rained out so I went to bed frustrated. Also horney as usual. The Doctor never called so I didn't even have phone sex (poor me)

In my dream I was pouring the last part of the wall alone as my dad (employee) was sick and never made it. Sarah (not her real name) came out and asked if she could help. I had her be my gofer and get trowels, shovels, vibratory etc. When we were all done we were a muddy mess, from concrete and soil mud. She offered her shower, but I declined as I only live a mile away. Teasingly she said she could scrub my back. Teasingly I said "only if you scrub my back from the front". She blushed and went her way as I went mine.

At home I cleaned up my tools and went in to shower. I took a LOOOOONG soaking one as I listened to oldies music blaring.

Suddenly the shower curtin opened and the goddess in her "heavenly" suite stepped in with soap and wash cloth in hand.

"OK, you win, I'll scrub your back from the front".

And she did, very business like. She even pushed me away as I advanced a kiss. Slapped my hand as I reached for her tits.

"I am scrubbing your back, not being your play toy. I owe you that".

Afterwards she dried me off and finally let me dry her. Then suddenly she shoved me backwards on to my bed, jumped on straddling my waist and grasping my wrists.

"Shit! Do you know how hard that was being good in there? I can't play this any more".

With that she leaned down, dragged her hair across my face and bit my left nipple very hard. (It hurt, but I'm no fool, so I only moaned)

Running her hands down my body and telling me what she was going to do in the crudest of language, she finally stopped at my thighs and licked around the base of my cock with out touching it.

Next she lightly licked my scrodem and down to the pelvic floor. Moaning I arched up exposing the region all the more. I felt her tongue work down to my ass, then stiffen and probe. Holy hell, that felt good, and I almost came right then.

Eventually we worked ourselves into a 69 while laying on our sides. Her pussy smelt and tasted so fresh and good. We were at it forever and two orgasms.

Eventually she climbed on top of me and taking my cock in hand guided me home. So warm and so wet. And a lot tighter that I expected.

I loved watching her be in both control and ecstasy. Waving her hair and head side to side as she rose and dropped on me. I held my orgasm tell I felt her body tell me she was about to explode. This way we cam together in screaming, gasping, twitching plasmatic motions.

Oh my heck that was good. We lay there in shock at what we both had done. She said this was her first cheat. Which made me feel like crap. We decided it was good, she needed it and it would always bond our friendship. But should never happen again.

Well my friends. My only question to you is; should I share my dream with her? Or keep it to myself and you guys.

I really would like to know your thoughts about this.

Tell next time;
Take care guys and
xoxoxo (girls) >>!
Poyntz \8

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5/13/2005 11:26 am

Hello AdultFriendFinder, Is anyone HOME!!!
I posted this at 10:10AM this morning. It is now 12:23PM and it hasent been displayed to the readers yet. As is the case with hundreds of others.

So what is the hang up? Anyone working today? Did I miss another holiday?

Perhaps I should apply for the "moderator" job. Looks like the position is open. Where do I apply?


poyntz4us 60M

5/18/2005 12:29 pm

Well, I'm learning. Sorry moderator. I jumped to conclusions. And you can quote me on that.

Poyntz \8

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5/18/2005 8:08 pm

OK, I won't tell him. As if I had any clue who you were talking about.

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