The Big Pay Off !  

powerstroke92 61M
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4/13/2006 2:41 pm

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5/16/2006 9:21 am

The Big Pay Off !

That's how the banks and corporations get what they want on Capital Hill,They pay off the politicians and get whatever they want.
Then the two houses make all kinds of excuses for doing the wrong thing.They refuse to do what's right for American Citizens.
As long as they keep their pockets lined and they keep their pet corporations rich they can Stick it to us and get away with it!.
They get away with it because we keep re-electing them.

They sell block voting to us,this is how it works.
The two main parties ask that we vote a straight republican or straight democratic ticket.That way we don't really make any decisions.We just do as we're told and let them keep their established kingdoms to themselves. It works very well.Look at how long some of those guys have been in office. They have it sewed up,They repeat the same message over and over until we believe it,and quietly continue to stick it to us.
Why not get some new people in office.It's easy.
It only takes 3-5% of voters to swing an election. Once the old boys club is out of office, the corporations will have to scramble to get the new politician in there pockets.If enough new people arrive on Capital Hill,the corporations will have a rough time buying them out.
We need to get rid of all of these bought and paid for politicians and get some new people on Capital Hill who will listen to the American people.We need to Fire the whole bunch and start over.
Just look at the mess they've made.
If you want to see this get straightened out,there is only one thing we can do.
Vote them all out of office !
Or we will have several more years of the same crap.

return682 71M
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5/16/2006 8:35 am

we did it in pa. big pay raises they pushed for.100,000 votes later it was repealed,and the apologies srarted flowing.the incumbents see the writing on the wall.when election time comes around,they know they are going.lets hear it for the citizens of Pa.! enough was enough.

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