The Bottom Line, or What The Fuck Is This All About?  

potbelliedman 41M
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9/6/2006 7:43 pm

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9/21/2006 3:16 pm

The Bottom Line, or What The Fuck Is This All About?

Work has got me pissed.
Every couple of years or so we get inspected by the Joint Commission (Yeah..nice name ain't it?) to see how well we are meeting or exceeding standard heath care facility guidelines.
Now most people who know old Ken is not the type who likes to "Put on the dog", but it seems like when these inspections come along, that is exactly what Ken is expected to do.
Never mind the fact he has a very real job that directly pertains to patient safety, and safety of everyone in the building.
I'm very close to walking right the hell out of that building and never walking back in.
One of the first things I should mention is that I have not felt well.
Then we had a monster of a day yesterday.
Today I was told to fill out a self evaluation for my file for the jokers I mean joint commission if they should choose to view it.
I was told choosing the number 3 on all of them was good. I looked at the shit...I mean sheet and saw that three was only a satisfactory mark.
four was meets expectations, and 5 the highest rating was exceeds expectations.
Naturally do be an ass, and because it's true, I gave myself 5 in every thing except what I did not deserve it in.
I later had a confrontation with the person who gave me the sheet.
I was using the computer to check my Ebay store, and as she was entering the locker room to leave for the day...(Damn...must me nice to be salary instead of paid hourly.) the head nurse said "you'd better be doing something work related."
To which I responded "Oh...I'm sorry I was not aware of the NEW POLICY that a fucking employee who works his fingers to the bone was no longer entitled to a break every few hours."
I think she got the message.
I deliberately stayed at that computer so that when she came out of the locker room, she knew that her words had no effect on me.
A second nurse who's a friend of mine, and kinda like the "second in command" came up and apologized to me for the way she had acted yesterday.
I had a nice heart to hear with her and told her I know the inspection has got everyone on edge, but that I had a damn job to do.
I asked her why the administration was so worried about things like the bottom line when we have more important things like people's lives to worry about.
Doesn't it make sense? Take care of the patients, so then they live and pay?
As luck would have it our CEO came waltzing through.
I promptly let her know that she was not following procedures and not properly attired to be back in a surgical area.
(Which btw...I would never really care about...but since I see her as a problem and not a solution, I thought I would tell her.)
I then asked her how large the "pot" was.
She played dumb.
I then said "whats our profits like?"
Didn't get a straight answer on that.
But I know this...
The bottom line is good for them.
Bad for me.
I am ready for a change.
Flipping burgers would be better at this point...although it would pay less.
I worked hard to get to where I am. The director of my department.
While all the other ass clowns put on the dog, I'm keeping the dog from biting their balls.
It makes no sense.
A friend of mine (a doctor) said that he thinks I may be getting too much stress...(Is TOO much stress possible?)
I think he'd make a great English teacher if he just spoke it out right.
I asked him what he meant and he tried to very delicately sugar coat his words, well....I don't go for that shit.
I asked him if he thought it would be in my best interest to quit.
He let me know he'd hate to see me go, but that I had to do what I think is right.
(How about I do what keeps money coming in til I find something better?)
It's days like this when I am glad I don't have to turn to drinking to deal with it.
A lit candle, and nice music, and I'll be ready for the same shit tomorrow. Another 9 or more hours of keeping monkeys in line, and being king of the zoo.
Until then....
I hope you the readers are doing well.
Your hero,

rm_espSweetass 35F
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9/7/2006 2:21 am

Aww babe, that is not fun. My heart felt hugs to ya, and I hope things sort out. Chin up babe.

Hugs to ya


lonelyinpa77 39F

9/7/2006 10:17 am

Remimds me of where I used to work. All they cared about was the bottom line and nothing else. And really didn't like it when I spoke my mind either. I feel for u. I know what ur going through. Stick it out till something better comes along.

juicy856 39M/34F

9/7/2006 1:08 pm

hey hero, sorry people can be so heartless and just want to look "proper" for these bastards. they get to the point where they just look at the people they are helping as "patients" instead of people. when i was taking classes to be a nurse we were taught that we were to look at them as clients not "patients" as clients referred to the people as being a part of the decision making. anyway i hope things get better for you.


potbelliedman 41M
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9/7/2006 2:05 pm

Esp, Right back at ya girl! Even if things do get better we all die.
LonelyinPA, I think bottom lines should become shaken to the top.
Juicy, I know, what ever happened for doing out of caring?
You guys are all right, systems like this suck. I may just have one more day to endure it, but damned if I'll stay silent.
I heard they detoured a large part of my work area today so that I could avoid the pleasure of meeting the inspectors.
Tomorrow.....There is no escape.
Ken will be heard. And for once, seen.

lonelyinpa77 39F

9/7/2006 8:59 pm

I always spoke my mind at work and thats probably why I'm still fighting my comp claim against them. They really don't like it when u talk bad about the company. I will never stop speaking up. And neither should u.

heavn1 54F

9/7/2006 10:55 pm

I applaud you profoundly and gratefully. I've been where you are. The difference? I didn't think about the paycheck (it was too little to be considered income anyway) when I walked out. And I didn't walk out quietly either.

I'm so sorry you're going through this, and that people spoke to you in such a demeaning manner. Silly me, I always thought that health care was a team effort, one that included everybody. Even administration.

Go for it, Ken. You're a huge hero in my eyes!


partygirl3869 48F

9/8/2006 10:35 pm

Clutches her heart while saying..."My Hero!"

Ken, I'm sorry that things are crazy and stressful at work! We haven't talked much lately, and I miss you! If you need some stress relief, let me know...I always could make you laugh!

Zombie Kisses,

potbelliedman 41M
2141 posts
9/9/2006 10:41 am

LonelyinPa, thats right, if you are silent it's the same as consenting. If we are not brave enough to stand up for ourselves why should anyone else?
Heavn1, Thank you for your support.
It's true, people need to learn that there is no "I" in the word TEAM. Groups need to know how to be cohesive as well as working together.
Partygirl, Damn! It's been a long time. Good to hear from ya. Zombie kisses always makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me do other things too.
Work is a little better now that we got inspection out of the way. But what will the drama for next week consist of I wonder?

rm_espSweetass 35F
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9/10/2006 3:10 am

Well my Kansas hero, sounds like things are looking up for you, ok well thats wrong, hehe. It's one thing down and time to wait for the next lump of shite that life throws in your face! Just remember a few things as you walk thru the dump that is this life, however bad things are... there is always someone doing something dumb in the world to make you laugh. ("excuse me sir, did you get your truck stuck??!!!"), and that when life hands you lemons, fuck making lemonade, cut it half and squeeeze it in lifes eye!!!.
and so in conclusion I have one thing to say.................


Hugs, Kisses and Blow jobs

potbelliedman 41M
2141 posts
9/10/2006 9:51 am

Esp, I love the way you think!

sooolongsuckers 40M

9/21/2006 7:46 am

I was considering writing a take this job and shove it post, myself, given the ultimatum recently out on me by my boss.

The bitch of it is, that a person has to choose between having macaroni or having their dignity.

Its a tough call, but in the end we all end up choosing the macaroni.
Fact of life.

BTW, I will put those Ebay cards in strategic places as soon as I can write up some flyers to go with them.

I dont think the card alone will get enough attention.
Ill have to wait til I go back to work, though.

By then, I will have put more thought into my marketing plan.

Thanks again.

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