A curse on PHISHERS!  

potbelliedman 41M
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6/20/2006 7:11 pm
A curse on PHISHERS!

Nasty cumguzziling guttersluts they are!
Phishers are those people who try to steal your sensitve information online to wreak havoc on you finances, and personal life.
This can be done a number of ways but the most common I see here is when they say to click a link and enter your credit card number (for age identification only.) at some site with a foxy woman on it.
Fishing for your financial info these phishers are not below using flattery, pretending to want to know you and offering the promise to meet you and give you a great time.
As a card holding Satanist it would be my responsiblity to destroy those who would try to ruin me.
So I invite you all now to join me as I place a curse on all those from this site and others that would perpose to do us harm and steal what we have worked so hard to get in our lives.

I call forth ABBADON the destroyer to to throw to carnage all that these vile people have earned due to the decite they weave.
I call forth DIABOLUS to wash away all that they have worked to gain with credibility and honor.
I call forth SET to insure that these people will be punished 3 fold for every crime they commit.
I ask my dark brothers to give me this in the name of Satan.
So it is done.
These people need to be punished. They need to never be allowed to prosper, and they need to know that as they steal from others, they will also be stolen from.

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