an amusing story i wrote yrs ago  

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4/26/2005 9:28 pm

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an amusing story i wrote yrs ago

preface: Last week i got a small whisker caught tween
my top front tooth & the tooth beside it. Being a woman you probably
can't identify with getting a hair in your
mouth... .well. .errrr. . .a whisker. .well...errr..
anyway iv'e gotten whiskers caught tween my teeth before
but this time it was different......

The Whisker from Outer Space

It started 1 day last week. my tongue was jabbed by
a pointy object behind my top front teeth. i quickly realized
it wassa small whisker wedged tween my teeth..So i went
to my bathroom sink & brushed, flossed & swished water.
It seemed to be gone so i went about my daily duties.
(watched some tv & ate party mix) Later to my surprise
it was back. I used my tongue to twiddle with it. (pause)
(this is not a porno story! !)... Again I flossed, brushed & swished
with the result of ridding myself of the hair. But it always came
back.. It was like it hadda mind of its
own! ! I tried usin a toothpick to no avail. i constantly
jiggled it with my tongue. (jeeez) ... I even tried sucking
air tween my teeth... I sucked so so hard & so loud
that my neighbor called the gas company fearing there wassa
leak at my house! !.. How embarrassing it was tryin to
explain the situation to an average gas company worker. This went on
for days! I couldnt get any sleep... my
tongue probing & darting...... ((c)~(c)).. So late 1 nite after I
got off the puter i decided it was me or "it". I positioned
myself over my bathroom sink & went 2 work... have you
ever heard of the "jaws of life"? well i had the fingers
of floss.. .brush, floss swish over & over. .of course my
gums started to bleed... i swished so hard water was
sprayin out my mouth between my clenched lips. After
about an hour i started to become weak from loss of
blood... I think i started to hallucinate.. I wondered
could this be a wild whisker on my lip that chose to grow
the wrong direction??... How the hell am i gonna shave
that???... Finally it worked free, i had it pinned behind
my front tooth.. A normal man would have swished it
out but i was possessed... It was personal now & i wanted
to get eye to folicle with this whisker from hades..
unbeleebably i managed to wedge tween a different
tooth! ! ! I quickly went to the water & swished it into
the sink. I never saw it but i swear ± heard a tiny voice
coming from the drain..., it sounded like:
the end
you ever hear tell that people who
have lost a limb or digit can sometimes
still feel it?... nuff said

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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4/26/2005 10:17 pm

My goodness; that took some level of determination, eh????

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