Why perv?  

poquero2 36M
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7/26/2006 9:21 am

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7/26/2006 10:06 am

Why perv?

I assume this question has been posed a million times on AdultFriendFinder. But what the hell, I'm bored, my profile's not yet accepted so I can't chat right now. But I'm not brand new to AdultFriendFinder if that's what you people think. No way, I've fiddled around here before. But then I decided to delete my account, 'cause it was taking up too much time, wanking with the webcam on, looking for that one hot lady who'd just love to strip and rub herself on cam for me. Never found her tho...

This sound sad to you? Guess it does... You thinking I'm a sad, deseperate, lonly guy with a small dick who can't get laid? Well, FYI, that's all very wrong ('cept for the dick part, I gotta admit, I'm no donkey...). I'm quite happy, don't feel at all desperate, and I have quite a stimulating sex life, thank you very much.

But somehow that's not enough! When I take off my clothes, work up a boner and switch the webcam on, it's a great feeling to see the first lady pop in on the cam to watch! I always try to contact the viewers, see if they'd like to chat, maybe switch on their own webcam. But usually there's no reply. Is it because it's a 55-year old male perv, too busy watching my young body and whackin' off, to reply? Or just a shy lady who wants to stay in the shadow and have her fun without interacting? I like to think it's the latter, but I'm afraid I'm deceiving myself... So I keep looking for that one girl who'll answer my page, say "Hey, great body. Sure, I'll chat with you. Yea, I have a webcam too!"

Then we can proceed to goading eachother to take off one more piece of clothing, turn the webcam a bit lower, and so on. Until we both have great orgasms and can laugh about it on the chat before switching off the cam.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents for now.

Take it easy ladies, hope to see ya!


P.S. Mutual masturbation is fun!

2daycowboywanted 45F

7/26/2006 10:07 am

Good luck - is all that comes to mind at the moment!

Until later

sexybisexual91 40F
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7/26/2006 10:22 am

HI you sound fun. wats ur msn? i don't have cam but i have pictures

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