Happy Days Are Here Again!!! :-))  

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6/14/2006 2:02 pm
Happy Days Are Here Again!!! :-))

Wow!! I finally got laid!!! Totally unexpected too!

I went to my best friends house to help her get ready for a short trip to Colorado. She was really disorganized as this was a last minute trip. I help plan out her daily schedule and what to pack accordingly.

After she was 99% packed and otherwise ready to go, I told her that she had enough time for a nice hot bath and a good home cooked meal. She agreed that it would be nice, but she did not want to go to the bother of fixing the bath and cooking. I told her, "nonsense! I'll fix your bath real special like for you and have a nice meal ready for you when you are done!!"

She agreed to let me do this for her. I made her a real nice bubble bath with candles all around and a few cd's to choose from. I also fixed her a rum & coke and had it all ready for her. She changed and climbed in. I went into the kitchen and started cooking her a small T-Bone steak with a baked potato and green beans.

All the time she was in the bath, I went around her house and cleaned it for her. I also would stop by the bathroom door and ask if there was anything she needed or wanted while she was there. I ended up fixing her another drink and brought her a couple of cd's that she asked for.

Her bath was finished and all the fixings for the dinner were done (except for the final grilling of the steak) when she called for me to help her. You see, she has this long (down to her but crack) silky soft dark blond/light brown hair that I love to brush for her at times. Any rate, she asked me if I would consider please washing it for her.

I was so very pleasantly surprised to hear this request and said that I would be glad to! ;-} When I entered the bathroom, there were still plenty of bubbles in the tube so I really did not see a whole lot. I did get a glimpse of her ever-so-perky breasts once or twice.

I had her lay back and I gently ran my fingers through her hair getting it all wet and untangled. She then sat up and I started washing her hair. She was half sitting and half reclining in the tub with her hands under the water at her sides - or so I thought.

It turned out that as I was washing her hair, she started "playing"!! I laid her back and rinsed her hair and then started to put on the conditioner. I massaged it in real good and ran a large comb through her hair. She was in heaven as I did this and continued to play. At this time I had a sneaking suspicion as to what she was doing and started to tell her how much I enjoyed spending time with her today and helping her out. I told her what a real treat it was for me to do her hair for her too!

Well, she wanted to stand up and shower off the conditioner and the suds from the bath. I told her that I would give her a few minutes and then start the grilling. She did not know about my cleaning spree or what was for dinner.

She called me to the bathroom again asking for her favorite towel. I brought it to her and she had her naked back to me. God what a gorgeous, tight, firm ass!! My cock started to stir at the sight of her silky soft skin and sexy body. I placed the towel on her back handing her the ends around her sides - ever so careful to be the gentleman.

When she cam out of the bathroom, she was wearing her robe and had her hair wrapped in a towel. She asked for another drink and was ever so surprised to see her house all cleaned and to find that her favorite meal was seconds away from being ready. We ate with pleasant conversation and light background music. She told me towards the end of the meal that she never really noticed me like this before and that she liked it. She thanked me for the bath and the hair treatment and the wonderful dinner.

We had an after dinner drink together and then she went into her bedroom to get dressed and finish the last tid-bit of packing. As I was just finishing the dinner dishes, I heard her call for me to come quick. When I got to her room I gently knocked on the slightly ajar door and asked if it was ok to enter. She said, "of course you silly fool!" with a playful tone to her voice.

When I entered, she was on her bed, fully naked and "playing" with one of her "toys". She told me that she had heard about how much I liked to eat pussy and how I was supposedly so good at it. She also said that she needed to repay me for the wonderful help, bath, and dinner. At this time, she asked me to please, please her with my tongue and have my way with her.

How could I refuse??!! I was more than happy to oblige her and we had an amazing 2 1/2 hours!!! God how I love sex!!!

More as it develops!!!!!!!!

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