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Porn is a huge industry in the United States and in Europe,even in Asia,whre brothels catering to both sexes are quite common.In Amsterdam,there is a whole section of the city set aside for various kinds of immorality,so that the city can control it,and you can find,consume,and purchase whatever kind of drugs you want as well.
In America,you can find a hundred trillion DVDs of pretty models playing with their labias and clitorises(or is it clitori? I dont know the plural.)
Anyway,women are seen from every angle masturbating with their own fingers as weel as different kinds of motorized and non motorized dildos.One of the newest is the Wascally Wabbit.
But on Planet Pudenda, in the Cockarooney Galaxy, things are different. There,male sexuality,that vaunted sacrosanct bastion of importance,is a thinng to be laughed at.Girls watch men masturbating,on beds,floors,in the shower,on tables,and elsewhere,even in restaurants.In fact,girls can bring older female family members with them to watch and laugh.There's no crazy churchmen or government agents raiding the places and making it uncomfortable,and no one marches the men,holding their now-shrunken assets,to jail for satisfying(or attempting to)themselves in front of women.
Meanwhile,the women laugh thier bloody asses off,just to see the looks on the faces of the male animal,as he hacks off and cums,like some sort of ape or chimpanzee.It is pretty funny,isn't it? Ever see how puffed upa guy gets one minute,and then shrinks away,all covered with spuzz and falls asleep? Prety damn funny?
Perhaps pathetic.Funny,anyway.
What if women had cocks? Some do,you know.And they play with them,and cum,and piss,and all sorts of things.

popartist46 70M

5/22/2006 12:04 pm

Hi,there,Mzhuy....say,I love your new picture.....

even if it isnt naked. If only we lived closer.

Alas,Im in Louisiana!

Dare I show my blue moon in Kentucky??

popartist46 70M

5/24/2006 9:18 am

Yes...y'know that some women do have cocks and they can do 69 with their partners.....Chix with dix dont scare me...its all lovin,honey!

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