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10/18/2005 2:10 am

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I've never done it on a boat. Really I have not!

....my previous job gave me a chance to experience the luxury of riding beautiful fishing boats and a party boat that has two decks. And the upper deck on this offers an "s" slide and a clear 12' x 12' dance floor. Real impressive. perfect for bbq-ing and the wind that blows your hair seems to take away years of frustrations and age.

....the other fishing boat was as fascinating as kevin kline on toe shoes. but more fascinating than the boat was were the crew. i can still remember one instance when i took a nap on the highest part of the boat, where the wheel was located. i slept there cozily on a soft leather bench, when i timidly awoke and noticed one of the crew staring at me. positioned with one leg bent and one leg stretched, he looked at me enjoyingly rubing his boner. i'm guessing that he's been watching me for awhile because i can see his sweat dripping on the side of his forehead. i didn't move much or made any big reaction, fearing that he would stop. plus, there are still other people on board and we are only in our lunch break. i, instead, placed my hand closed to my dick and gently i started rubbing it. since he was wearing short pants, i could see his cock peering with anger out of the inseem. i myself started sweating and completely nervous that somebody might come up and see what we were doing. ah... he's about late 30's yet owns a boyish face. but his legs and hands suggest otherwise. his hairy legs that wraps hundreds of pounds of pure muscles, while his hands suggest years of fishing labour. yes indeed, his manly hands that i can just imagine is squeezing my inner thigh strongly and with just the right amount of sexual aggressiveness. but his hands never touched me. nor that happened. but what only happened was the unbroken passion that was bouncing back and forth between us two. like an electricity that tingles behind your spine. i was feverish with an enormous strong passion as he is...according to the size of his cock. unfortunately, this exchange must stop. the noises on the dock bellow only tells us that lunch break is done and the rest of the crew are coming up. never again did i see this man. although i could easily find him if i decided to hop on their boat again, but i'd like to keep that memory to stay as a memory.

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