the hunt so far  

poncho68455 78M
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3/13/2006 5:39 pm
the hunt so far

hey folks hows the search for sex. me? not so good. ive been on my searh for approx 2 months. and so far ive went on five dates, 2 were with frankenstiens bride( i liked to shit myself when i met them. they looked nothing like thier profile)out of the other three i met 2 horny women who wanted thier pussy ate, but when it come to my turn for recieving said services they couldnt deliver. i've had many a blowjobs in my life. and only met 2 women who enjoy giving oral sex. they all say they do. but dont deliver. and im just average white boy. and they couldnt take more than the head in thier mouth. WHATTTT??? i cant believe that! one i 69 with and she didnt do nothing. are all women self centered these days? where are the decient, honest, horny, women who really like to give as recieve. and the 2 women i gave oral to? they had orgasms like that measured on the rictor scale. at least i know i can please. its just gettin pleased im having trouble with. i dont like to force anyone. i want them to want it. OH! and the fifth one? she was very pretty and polite. but said she didnt feel a love connection. i respected that. she was honest and not greedy like others. just takin what they can get, then leave. dont go overboard ladies i didnt say i was hung like a horse. just ave white boy who loves to eat pussy. keep posted for more adventures. i have another date tomorrow. i'll let u know what happens. meanman455

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