its just "phuckin life!!"  

poncho68455 78M
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4/6/2006 9:30 pm
its just "phuckin life!!"

`well folks, is everyone gettin thier fill?? i cant believe some of the shit i read on here! but i guess mine sounds equally as odd. take yesterday for instance. i drove to springfield again(work). and on my way back i stopped in a nearby "city" to possibly meet a gal i met on the internet. she seemed nice, a little critic of other people. but other than that she seemed ok. we had aranged to meet the day before. but things went wrong for both of us and we didnt meet. so that noc i e-mailed her and told her i would come tommorrow. upon my trip the next morning, i remembered i was suppose to appear in my local county court in front of a judge at 9am. it was 0650 i said, phuck it!! im going to springfield!(just a traffic ticket, speeding) so after leaving springfield i arrive in the "city" where my gal lives. i stop and phone her. three times no answer. so i leave a msg stating "wwhat the hell im going door to door through the whole city till i find u" (not really). an after arriving at home later that evening. i get a phone call from my gal. SHES UPSET!! shes madder than hell, she asked how long i was in her city. i replied "not long" she began chewing me out for going door to door for her. I couldnt believe it!!! she took me seriously!!i wouldnt get three houses if i did do something that crazy before someone would call the police. guess im to sarcastic. could u imagine how long it would take?? as for court? i stopped on my way home and they threw me in front of a judge and dropped the ticket. what luck?? well today we had more storms(plural). so i stayed in most of the day dreaming of hott sex and cleaning house. what a combination. well check with me tommorrow when i leap tall buildings in a SINGLE BOUND. so hav some hott nasty sex! (H.N.S.)

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