Needing more...  

polycplseeksbbw 63M/F
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6/2/2006 11:16 am
Needing more...

I don't know if I can describe what it's like, as a bisexual woman, to know that in order for your relationships to be whole, you need to have both a man and a woman in your life. I know I have a sense of needing more and that includes loving and living as three. I realize I may sound kind of naive, seeking this utopian-like ffm triad relationship but it seems to me that if we don't create higher expectations of ourselves and of our relationships we'll continue to make the same mistakes as a society that constantly erode human awareness and, ultimately, the love in life we each seek.

SirMounts 102M

6/15/2006 11:43 pm

A very heartfelt, and thoughtful post.
A warm welcome to blogging, polycplseeksbbw. *smiling*

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