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8/31/2005 3:32 pm

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This is my first ever blog so bear with me.
I love to sex...i love to talk about, read about it, watch it, and have it. But, i can't find any ladies the same.
You see my wife and i are polyamorous, well at least she is. She has a steady boyfriend.
I'm not sure right now if i want a long term thing, but i'd love to chat with ladies about sex and meet once and a while. Thats more my thing.
But i'm a little shy. Shame really. Theres this one girl (a friend) that i would love to have sex with but i ain't got the balls to ask her.
Any suggestions would be grand.


Peche85 31F

9/9/2005 5:19 am

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have answered your 3 questions. I know what its like being shy! Its horrible wanting to do something so much but you can't cos you're too embarassed!

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