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8/22/2006 2:42 pm
the moment

It was a hot day in texas temps poppin in the 100s humidity sticky as always. I was at work it was a normal day. When I saw before the most beautiful woman with the eyes of water and a body to set ur soul on fire. We talked and as I learned more I could tell we were a match. It was a sign from god that after all these years of waitin makin a mistake havin a son with a woman I never really loved gettin married and divorced. Thinkin the angel of my life was gone forever and I had missed her through my trials and tribulations in life. When before me stood the angel of my dreams. as looked in those eyes of blue and could see the ocean at its calm and the twinkleof the sun reflecting off the ocean waters I lost myself in that sea and have been caught there ever since. Like a mermaid swimmin the ocean deep lookin for her sailor. Or a ship caught in a storm lookin for its ports of call. I had found my angel. she worries that things she did could pop from her past that might one day bother me. But I am here to tell her and all of u there is nothing in her past that will ever change my love for her. Nothing in her past that will change my ships destination. There is nothing in her past that could have ever done that will ever change how I feel about her or how much I love her. I tell her everyday how important she is to me. I send gods angels at night to watch over her as she sleeps and I ask god everyday to bring her home safe to me. Life throws us all twist and turns the road curves when we all least exppect it. well I am at a cross road and rather then take the path less traveled. I leave the road to her cause like life it is a journey for two not one. And together we will conquer all. Even a past or a presents I want her to know she will have me forever and I am here till she is done with what she has to do and will be here long after the journey she is in now is over. Love runs deep Love runs the hills the mountains and the oceans of our blood stream and that will never change or can be changed. Love what is love how do u explain a feeling u cant yet even grasp. How do u explain love that swallows us all and ingulfs all we do? Is it a thought is it a feeling? Is it the feelings we have when that person is near or far? it is the glow that walks in our shadow? Is it the noise the whisper in our ear? hmmm describe the endescribable? or is love all of it and more. She engulfs me my feelings my soul my life. Maybe that is love. and if it is then I know I am in love cause she is all I think about wonder about want and need and have ever wanted.. Hmm except I never have had my 3 some LMAO just kiddin to the world of AdultFriendFinder thank you for ur kindness.And never know I could write another.. CB

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